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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Enemy of the ratings? My Own Worst Enemy had a solid but not stellar premiere on Monday, with 7.3 million viewers.
  • Rating the Runway. Project Runway pulled in 4.8 million viewers for its finale on Wednesday night. That's down from both the season four (5.2 million) and season three (5.4) million finales — but neither of them went up against a presidential debate. (Bravo says 7.2 million people watched at least one of the three airings on Wednesday.)
  • Speaking of that debate ... The final presidential debate was down from debate No. 2, scoring 56.5 million viewers (versus 63.2 million for the last debate) across 11 networks.
  • Who? Samantha Who? fans may be suffering from a bit of amnesia themselves, as its season premiere drew 11.7 million viewers — a healthy number, but down about 3 million from its series premiere last year.
  • Return of Eli. Eli Stone averaged 8.8 million viewers for its premiere — but the problem for the show is that a lot of them left at the halfway mark. The first half-hour had 10 million viewers, but only 7.5 million of them were left by the middle of the show.

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