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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Dancing to an all-time record. Maybe it was the economy, the Bachelor drama, or The Woz, but whatever the reason, Dancing with the Stars had its best-ever premiere on Monday, averaging 22.5 million viewers.
  • Daylight not-watching-TV time. Maybe everyone was out gallivanting in the sun — or going to bed early? A lot of Sunday shows took a hit after the clocks sprung forward, with The Celebrity Apprentice dropping to 7.6 million viewers and Desperate Housewives matching a series low with 13.5 million viewers.
  • Not so bad. One show broke the Daylight Savings Time curse: Breaking Bad got a big bump for its second season premiere on Sunday, bringing in 1.7 million viewers, more than 40 percent above its average viewership in its first season.
  • The subtle Clooney effect. Even a powerhouse like George Clooney couldn't raise ER to the number one position in its time slot on Thursday. The show generally garners 8 million viewers and saw a slight increase to 10.7 million, but it still lost to CBS' Eleventh Hour.

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