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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • A push from Posh. Victoria Beckham's appearance on Ugly Betty for Wilhelmina's wedding helped boost the show's ratings by 1 million viewers, from 9.9 million last week to 10.9 million this week.
  • Crossovers help, too. Both halves of the CSI/Without a Trace crossover on CBS won their time slots on Thursday, with the CSI half getting 21.9 million viewers and the Without a Trace part getting 21.4 million.
  • A little bit country, a whole lot of viewers. ABC pushed aside its regular Wednesday shows for the CMA Awards, and the move paid off: 15.9 viewers tuned in, almost exactly the same number as last year.
  • No laughing for ABC's comedies. Both Cavemen and Carpoolers hit series lows this week — 4.9 million viewers for Cavemen, 5.5 million for Carpoolers.
  • American Band not so great. Now here's a show that's tanking: The Nov. 2 installment of The Next Great American Band got just 2.3 million viewers. Yeesh — aren't people supposed to be calling in and voting?
  • The Race looks amazing again. The Amazing Race drew in 13.8 million viewers — 3 million more than last fall's Race premiere.

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