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Piper's Long Road to Becoming a Badass on OITNB

Aug 21 2014 - 3:05am

Piper Chapman has come a long way on Orange Is the New Black [1], due in part to the terrific acting of the woman who portrays her, Taylor Schilling. She's among the many Emmy [2] nominees from the OITNB cast, and with the ceremony coming up on Monday, there's no better time to look back on Piper's evolution. Sure, Schilling is just nominated for the first season, but why not celebrate her full transformation? Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the second season!

Source: Netflix [3]

Remember Piper Back in the Day?

Ten years ago, when Piper and Alex are together, she's just a flighty, carefree young lady. Look at her crimped hair! She don't care.

Source: Netflix [4]

She Doesn't Deal Well With the Whole "Prison" News

Once she realizes she's really going to serve time, Piper has a mini meltdown, complete with some much-warranted sobbing.

Source: Netflix [5]

She Has Some Valid Concerns

She won't even know that there's a fingerprint-unlock feature, guys.

Source: Netflix [6]

Her Blog Is Like, Super Important

Not only does she think she's going to be able to keep up with her blog, she has high hopes that she and Larry will stay together.

Source: Netflix [7]

She Has a Keen Fashion Sense

To be fair, they do look like Toms.

Source: Netflix [8]

She Studies Up on Prison

She quickly finds out that telling your cellmates that you read up on the dos and don'ts of prison is a poor choice.

Source: Netflix [9]

Initially, Prison Isn't Really Her Jam

This is totally understandable, but not really conducive to her fitting in.

Source: Netflix [10]

She's Actually Pretty Bad at It

Wouldn't you be sobbing too?

Source: Netflix [11]

But Then She Starts to Make Some Friends

I mean, they're not exactly the type of friends she thought she wanted. But it could be worse, right?

Source: Netflix [12]

Then Things Get Kind of Shaken Up

It takes a while for Piper to adjust to being threatened, and when she inadvertently picks a fight with Red, she starts to crack.

Source: Netflix [13]

She Still Won't Defend Herself

It's early. Give her time, and she'll have no problem shanking someone.

Source: Netflix [14]

Yet She Knows She Has a Dark Side

Piper is aware that there's more to her than the squeaky-clean girl she is before Litchfield. The question is: how much will she give in to the other Piper?

Source: Netflix [15]

Eventually, She Gets Used to the Quirks of Prison

Hey, just give it to her.

Source: Netflix [16]

She Even Starts to Have Some Fun With Her Fellow Inmates

Aww yeah, a little light twerking.

Source: Netflix [17]

OK, She Might Have Too Much Fun

This is a pretty pivotal scene, because Piper is finally letting her anger surface. She's mad to be in prison! She's upset that she can't dance with her ex! And most of all, she's frustrated with the repressed person she's become. Let the breakthrough begin.

Source: Netflix [18]

She Starts to Stand Up For Herself

One can only be starved, felt up, stalked, and threatened so much.

Source: Netflix [19]

But Then This Happens, and She's Just Had E-Effing-Nough

Pennsatucky picks the wrong time to attack Piper. She tries to shank her, and Piper fights back. Piper is done. She's just done, and she beats Pennsatucky within an inch of her life.

Source: Netflix [20]

Enter Season Two Piper

This chick does not take any crap. Look at those death eyes.

Source: Netflix [21]

Seriously, She's Scary

Do I believe Piper could physically rip someone's throat out? Absolutely not, but the fact that she's making the threat to begin with means everything.

Source: Netflix [22]

Just Look at This Badass Chick

Good luck messing with this fully terrifying prisoner.

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Source: Netflix [25]

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