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The Office 100th Episode and Sesaon Five Finale Recap: Episode 28, "Company Picnic"

The Office Rundown: Episode 28, "Company Picnic"

Aw, you guys, for a comedy, this season finale of The Office is pretty darn sweet! Jim and Pam traditionally have big moments in Office finales, but there's another love story at play here when Holly Flax — and boyfriend AJ — meet up with Michael at the company picnic. There's also volleyball and "soup snakes." Want to see some of my favorite moments? Just


  • Eeep! Pam's pregnant! I mean, we didn't actually hear the words — isn't it funny that Jim and Pam's biggest moments this season have been silent? — but her smiley reaction totally gives it away. I love the bug-eyed look on Jim's face, and then the joy as he swoops in for a hug.
  • Backing up: Pam and Jim only plan to stay at the Dunder Mifflin company picnic for a few minutes because they don't seem to have much luck at big office gatherings. Some drunk guy hit on Pam last year and said he was grabbing her for balance. Pam: "You don't grab these for balance." I love the mischievous look on Jim's face.
  • Dwight shows up at the picnic with his friend Rolf, who's the perfect companion for him. Dwight says they met at a shoe store: "I heard him asking for a shoe that could increase his speed and not leave any tracks."
  • Aw, the moment when Michael first sees Holly is so adorably awkward. He and Holly hug a little too long, then he pretends not to remember AJ, then when AJ asks for an iced tea he semi-jokingly tells him to go to hell. All episode long, he manages to just barely tolerate AJ: "So, what is up with you two, Holly?"
  • Michael's planning on finding the perfect moment to read through his list of bullet points for why he and Holly should be together, which includes the fact that they're "soup snakes." Which is apparently supposed to be "soul mates."
  • Charles is still so mean to Jim! And he only has one joke, about Jim being sleepy. Pam asks if she should beat him up. Jim: "No, I shouldn't have to ask you to do something like that. You should just do it."
  • Nobody from the Scranton branch is any good at volleyball except for Pam, who's kind of a superstar. Kevin keeps getting hit in the stomach, Ryan's on the phone, but Pam has this killer serve. "Maybe I played a little in junior high. And high school. And a little in college. And went to volleyball camp most Summers." She gets them all the way to the final faceoff against corporate.
  • Rolf is so mean to Angela, calling her a whore and saying he doesn't hear "cheaters, tramps, or women who break my friend's heart." Eventually, though, Dwight tells him to cut it out — does that mean they're going to reconcile soon?
  • When AJ tells Michael he and Holly are designing a house, Michael reveals he's designing chair-pants. I love that Holly's heard this idea before!
  • So Michael and Holly go through a bunch of movie parodies for their skit (Jaws: "Dunder . . . Dunder . . .") before finally settling on Slumdunder Mifflinaire. It's actually going relatively well — no laughs, but hey, Stanley's into it — until they accidentally reveal that the Buffalo branch is closing.
  • Which, by the way, is completely David Wallace's fault. Why on earth would David Wallace tell Michael any secret company information? He should know better.
  • Holly and Michael's moment after the skit is so sweet! And it's awfully big of him to just enjoy her company without telling her how he feels about her. "I think that today was just about having today. I think that we are one of those couples with a long story when people ask how we found each other."
  • One of the funniest moments in that scene, though, was this exchange:

    Michael: I guess we shouldn't have mentioned Buffalo."
    Holly: "Hindsight."
    Michael: "Should have had hindsight."

  • And, in the end, all of Dwight's stalling tactics on the volleyball court ("How many people need to get hurt before we learn a valuable lesson? One? Two? Three?") are for naught, because there appears to be a Beesly baby on the way!

Wow, I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this finale!

Photos courtesy of NBC

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