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The Office Recap, "The Chair Model"

The Office Rundown: Episode 10, "The Chair Model"

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh — can we talk about the thing with Pam and Jim? Ack! I don't want to write anything that will be a spoiler here, so after the jump let's discuss this whole thing at greater length.

Elsewhere in this episode of The Office, the nearby construction company is parking in the Dunder-Mifflin staff spaces, causing them to park further away from the office (a 10- or 30-minute walk, depending on who you ask). Meanwhile, Michael is living up the single life, requiring his employees to set him up on dates, and pining after a chair model in a catalog. I'm not sure this episode was hilariously funny, but it certainly kept my attention. And I'm glad to have an episode set in the office again.

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  • I think I love Pam a little more each episode. "He promised me his old chair. It's one of these: Shhoooooooh." She's so awesome.
  • "And I'm optimistic because everyday I get a little more desperate and desperate situations yield the greatest results." — Michael, on being single
  • "Call us when you get there so we know you're OK." — Phyllis, to Andy when he says he left his cell phone in his car.
  • Michael, inappropriate as ever, calls Oscar, "Oscar Meyer Weiner Lover."
  • "I am a catch and I am not going to be the one that got away." Michael makes it a requirement that everyone recommend someone to date him — or else they are fired.
  • Dwight looks into finding the chair model, but discovers that she has died. "She was so young and now she is dead. As dead as every dead animal who has ever died."
  • Pam's landlady: "Are you Michael Scott?"
    Michael: "Is who Michael what?"
  • Michael: "I enjoyed this conversation. It was very nice. It was like talking to the sweet old lady on the bus."
    Pam's landlady: "That's incredibly rude."
    Michael: "Now you ruined it."
  • Andy: "Michael Scott could not make it today due to an unforeseen prior engagement."
    I love that Kevin and Andy take matters into their own hands with the parking situation. As much as I like Michael, it's fun to see a storyline that's not entirely about him (or Jam).
  • Awwww, Kevin. "It's just nice to win one."
  • OK, wow. Jim promises to propose to Pam and assures her that when he does propose, it's going to kick her ass. Also, he got a ring a week after they started dating?! But did anyone else think Pam's face sort of fell a little as Jim walked away from the desk? Maybe I was seeing things.
  • Andy went to bat on the parking issue for the guy who wonders how he's going to pay his orphanage bills. Also: his little happy dance in the parking lot warmed my heart.
  • Michael: "Well, what do you do?"
    Dwight: "You wait until next year's chair catalog comes out and you find someone who's still alive."
  • Aaaand I totally fell for Jim's ol' gotta-tie-my-shoe-down-on-one-knee-proposal-fakeout. Anyone else's heart start pounding like crazy?

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