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"The Office" Recap: Episode 17, "Business School"

"The Office" Recap: Episode 17, "Business School"

This week's heartwarming episode of "The Office" was about the enduring power of paper. (And, since it was directed by "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon, it also involved a bat.) Michael gives a speech at Ryan's business school, emphasizing how important paper is, though he later asserts that people are more important. I definitely cried a little during Michael's scene with Pam. To relive some of the best moment's from "Business School," read on...

  • Dwight: "Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, would an idiot do that? And if they would, I do not do that thing."
  • Michael: "Campus. Brings back so many memories that I …would have made.”

    Spotting a group of Frisbee players, Michael says to Ryan: “What do you say we get our Fris on before class?”

  • Michael asks Ryan if, at the end of his lecture, the students will throw their hats, like at graduations.

    Michael: "If they did throw their hats, I had a pretty good line for them. 'May your hats fly as high as your dreams.' That was a pretty good line."
    Ryan: "It doesn’t apply.”
    Michael: "I understand! Wow, relax, spazzy boy. Sometimes you’re such a spaz!" Then he tickles Ryan.

  • When the bat comes out of the ceiling, Angela stops, drops and rolls.
  • “If a vampire bat were going to come to America, it makes sense that it would come to a ‘sylvania,’ like Penn-sylvania.” –Dwight

Plenty more great moments, so

  • Michael: “There are four kinds of business: Tourism, food service, railroads, and sales. And hospitals-slash-manufacturing. And air travel.”
  • Toby tells Pam he wants to go to her art show instead of his kid’s play: "It’s important to support local art. And what they do is not art."
  • "Real business is done on paper. Okay? Write that down." –Michael, as everyone types furiously on their laptops
  • Dwight says he shot a werewolf once, but by the time he got to it, it had turned back into his neighbor’s dog.
  • Michael says that in facing the big chain stores, David will always beat Goliath. Student says there are five Goliaths, but Michael cuts him off, saying,
    "Yeah, you know what else is facing five Goliaths? America. Al Qaeda, global warming, sex predators, mercury poisoning... So we just give up? Is that what we’re learning in business school?"
  • Jim asks Dwight if he’s cool to just sit and wait for animal control.
    "Animal control? I’ve been controlling animals since I was six." – Dwight
  • “Your art was the prettiest art of all the art.” –Roy to Pam
  • "A good manager doesn’t fire people. He hires people, and inspires people. People, Ryan, and people don’t go out of business.” –Michael
  • Michael looks at Pam's picture of the office, and says, "It is a source of beauty. And without paper, it could not have happened. Unless… you had a camera."
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