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The Office Rundown: Episode 14, "Goodbye, Toby Parts 1 & 2"

The Office Rundown: Episode 14, "Goodbye, Toby Parts 1 & 2"

OMG, where to start?! The season finale of The Office was so. Freaking. Great. I honestly think this is hugely due to Amy Ryan's spot-on performance as the new HR lady at Dunder-Mifflin. I loved her! And then there were all the twists and turns (that didn't just have to do with Pam and Jim, like that very last scene!). And the whole storyline with Kevin is, I think, one of the funniest, cleverest things I've seen on television in a long time.

The going-away party for Toby was amazing! It made me so happy for the new party planner in town, Phyllis, as though she's an actual person I know in real life. Sometimes I think I get too involved in these shows. I really wanted to give her a hug.

Also, thanks to Creed, there now exists the job title of "Quabity Aschwitz." Amazing.

What did you think about this finale? Were you as delighted by it as I was? Check out SavvySugar's "most relatable moments" post, complete with a clip from the show. For some of the parts I thought were the best and funniest, and to share your thoughts,


  • The episode began with a good old-fashioned prank from Jim. I don't know how John Krasinski keeps a straight face as Dwight is reaching his fingers along his face, trying to grab the ear piece. Too funny.
  • Kelly: "I can't believe this is your last day. How do you feel?"
    Toby: "Fine. Good."
    Kelly: "I feel weird."
  • Michael says he wants anti-gravity potion and Pam doesn't miss a beat. "So, how much anti-gravity potion do you want?"
    Angela: "No, you know what, this is not a party planning committee anymore. And I don't want your foot money and I feel uncomfortable participating."
  • Pam, about her going to design school for three months in New York: "The timing is pretty much perfect." She lights up: "And that is the first time I've used the word perfect in here." She's so freaking cute.
  • Dwight says he hates the new HR lady because "She stinks. . . with her. . . ways and her. . . head."
  • Michael: "Thanks to Toby, I have a very strong prejudice against Human Resources. I believe that the department is a breeding ground for monsters. What I failed to consider, though is that not all monsters are bad. Like E.T. Is Holly our extra-terrestrial? Maybe. Or maybe she's just an awesome woman from this planet."
  • Seriously, Holly thinking Kevin is mentally challenged is probably not too P.C. but it made me laugh until I was choking on my own laughter. He offers her an M&M. "I keep them here at my desk so that everybody doesn't take them."
    Holly: "Well, that is a very safe place for them!"
    Holly, later: "You drive your own car?" "I'm proud of you!"
  • Creed, trying to sound out what his job is: "I shoulda written it down. Qua-something. Qua, quar, quabble, quow, quab. . .quabity! Quabity aschwitz! No. No, but I'm getting close."
  • Michael, making a "CD mix tape" for Holly, possibly using "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band.
    Michael: "What's the group that was from Scranton that hit it big? Was that U2?"
    Jim: "Yup."
  • Toby's affection for Pam fluctuates from sweetly adorable to a little icky. "I would love a picture of the two of us to take to Costa Rica."
  • Jim, after giving Phyllis money for fireworks at Toby's party: "I'm going to propose tonight. Holy crap!" Squee!
  • Angela shredded her list of vendors. So Phyllis slides books off Angela's desk. "Sorry."
    I love it when Phyllis gets mildly mean.
  • I'm so glad that Michael's attempt to berate Toby is thwarted by Pam and Holly joining in, and he then has to ask his mean questions in an innocent voice. "Who do you think you are?"
    Toby: "I'm. . . Toby."
  • Michael got Toby a rock with a note attached that says "Suck on this." And he made Dwight wrap it.
  • After Oscar explains Ryan's fraud: "The real crime, I think, was the beard."
  • Mose Schrute! He uncages a raccoon into Holly's car.
  • "Jan didn't believe in showing affection so sometimes I don't know how to react when a girl touches me. So. I like it!" Michael giggles.
  • Michael's songs include "Beers in Heaven" (which is "very sexual") and "Total Eclipse of the Fart."
  • Pam, about Toby: "Don't tell him I said this, but I always thought he was kinda cute." So bittersweet!
  • Here's the line I laughed at the most: "You cheated on me? When I specifically asked you not to?"
  • Jan: "If I was 22 and I had lots of time to have lots of children then sure, let's let Michael have a shot at one of 'em. But honestly, I need to make this one count."
  • So Andy Bernard is the one to ruin Jim's proposal to Pam by proposing to Angela!
    Angela: "OK."
    Andy: "Into the mike, sweetie."
    Angela: "I said OK."
  • Aww, one of the great tragedies of The Office: Just as Michael has a not-so-weird flirtation with a woman (Holly), he learns of Jan's pregnancy and it messes everything up.
  • O.M.G. Phyllis happily explains that party planning gives a high, like a runner's high before walking in on Dwight and Angela doing it in the office! Discuss!


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