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The Office Rundown: Episode Three, "Business Ethics"

The Office Rundown: Episode Three, "Business Ethics"

Not so much Pam and Jim on this week's episode of The Office — but lots of Michael and Holly! I love the way Michael is with Holly these days, especially his lines that don't seem to have anything undermining about them (like: "I think we can all totally agree that Holly is totally fantastic."). He's gotten so much sweeter (though he's still Michael, of course). In this episode we learn an "icky" little secret of Meredith's, which puts her job in jeopardy and causes a rift between Michael and Holly. And we get another Jim prank on Dwight! How I've missed those. . .

To check out some of my favorite parts and to talk about the episode,


  • Creed: "The tall guy got engaged."
    Michael: "To be married?"
    Jim: "Yup."
    Michael tackles him.
  • Michael and Holly don headbands and aerobicize, singing "Let's get ethical! Ethical!" The irony of having them sing "Let me hear your body talk" for a work ethics meeting is priceless.
  • Michael tries to give Holly tips on making the meeting more fun. "You need to be Robin Williams. . . and M. Night Shyamalan. You need to be Robin Shyamalan."
  • "I'll drop an ethics bomb on you: Would you steal bread to feed your family? Boom! . . . Yeah, I took Intro to Philosophy — twice."
    Dwight: "It's a trick question. The bread is poisoned. Also, it's not your real family. You've been cuckolded by a smarter, stronger male."
  • Michael: "When I discovered YouTube, I didn't work for five days. I did nothing. I viewed Cookie Monster sings 'Chocolate Rain' about a thousand times."
  • Angela says she once reported Oscar to the INS. "Turns out he's clean, but I'm glad I did it."
  • Meredith has been sleeping — once a month for the past six years — with Bruce Meyers, the Scranton rep for Hammermill in exchange for discounted supplies and gift certificates to Outback Steak House.
  • When Holly asks Meredith if her meet-ups with Bruce were unrelated to business, Meredith replies, "No, I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for the discount paper. There's not a lot of fruit in those looms."
  • Michael, exasperated: "For the love of God, trying to help you, you stupidbag."
  • Meredith: "It's funny. Maybe it's a girl thing but after we did it and he would give me those coupons, I just felt good about myself."
  • Michael: "Holly-luyah. It's a miracle you're at your desk."
    Holly: "It's Mike-raculous."
    Michael: "Oooh, reaching. . . you'll get there." Aww. . . Holly's sad face.
  • Yay for a Jim prank! He times Dwight every time he yawns, talks to him or leaves his desk in order to add up all the "personal" time Dwight "steals" from the company. The part that got the biggest laughs out of me in the whole episode: Jim butchering his facts on Battlestar Galactica, to which Dwight could not respond lest he add on time to Jim's personal calculations.
  • Michael: "I just don't want my employees thinking that their jobs depend on performance. I mean, what sort of place is that to call home?" He suggests they don't report Meredith, they just punish her by making her not have sex for six months. They can enforce this by making her wear a chastity belt.
  • Dwight tries to avoid taking any personal time by peeing into a two-liter soda bottle at his desk. But then he spends 19 minutes and 48 seconds having his own meet-up, with Angela.
  • Holly makes me so sad sometimes! But Michael screaming at the others to get into the conference room makes it all better.
  • Also, the company is totally fine with literally pimping Meredith out in order to receive a discount on supplies.
  • Phyllis and Stanley high five over ribs!


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