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The Office Rundown: Episodes 22 & 23, "Dream Team" & "The Michael Scott Paper Company"

The Office Rundown: Episodes 22 & 23, "Dream Team" & "The Michael Scott Paper Company"

After Michael's (and Pam's!) surprising departure from Dunder-Mifflin, all our favorite Scrantonites are adjusting to the new way of things — Jim's still struggling with "new boss" Charles, and the office has a new receptionist, Kelly (now Erin, since there are two Kellys). Meanwhile, Michael and Pam are taking their first shaky steps toward running the brand-new Michael Scott Paper Company.

Two whole episodes to talk about — what did you think of The Office this week? To see some of my favorite quotes and moments from "Dream Team" and "The Michael Scott Paper Company,"


  • Aww, when Andy finally gets his phone call after Kevin chases it all around the office, he finds out his maid died!
  • Dwight's delight over the fact that Jim can't seem to get in Charles's good graces is priceless. "Oh no! The new boss does not find Jim adorable! Ohhh!" He beams.
  • In the beginning of "Dream Team" Pam helps to motivate Michael ("I gave up the only job I ever loved to do this?! I have egg in my Crocs."), and at the end, Michael has to convince Pam that the Michael Scott Paper Company is still a good idea. This relationship ("I can't believe I just used the word 'relationship'") of theirs is pretty adorable so far.
  • Michael wants Ryan in his dream team. "He's everything I'm not and everything I am — it's the whole package." So, he goes to see Ryan at his latest place of work: The bowling alley. "Imagine a company that has no memory of your past misconduct because they have no files."
  • Jim: "I've never been a kiss-up. It's just not how I operate. I mean, I've always subscribed to the idea that if you really want to impress your boss, you go in there and you do mediocre work. Half-heartedly."
  • Vikram: "Confidence: It's the food of the wise man but the liquor of the fool."
    Pam: "Hmm. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, Vikram."
  • Michael's potential investor, his Nana, wants to know Michael's mission statement. "My mission is stated as follows: I will not be beat. I will never give up. I am on a mission. That is a Michael Scott guarantee." Then he says maybe he could sell medicine instead of paper. Nana: "See? This is what concerns me."
  • The Charles-Jim interactions make me so uncomfortable, like when Charles kicks the ball, Jim ducks, and Phyllis gets a soccer ball in the face. And Charles makes it seem like it's all Jim's fault.
  • Personally, my favorite line of the night is this from Michael: "Well, you know what? My mom used to say that average people are the most special people in the world. And that's why God made so many. . . ."
  • Michael finds office space for the company, right in the same building as Dunder-Mifflin. "You know what they say: Keep your friends close."
  • Yay, new opening credits!
  • Every time Charles calls for Kelly, the new receptionist, Kelly Kapur comes rushing in, "Yes, Charles? You wanted me?" Jim explains: "She thinks that if she says 'You wanted me' enough, he will, in fact, want her. It's not the worst plan she's ever had."
  • Michael wants 800 copies of his "coupon for unparalleled customer service."
  • Dwight: "Yes, I am taking Andy hunting after work. Not long ago we were sexual competitors. I used to hate him, hate him, hate him, hate him. I studied him to find out why I hated him so much. But that blossomed into a very real friendship, as these things often do."
  • Charles asks for a rundown of the clients. Jim tries to figure out what a "rundown" means. Charles: "Just keep it simple." Later Jim faxes the "rundown" . . . to his dad.
  • Dwight tells Kelly the Receptionist a ghost story and she laughs. But then she runs into Andy and starts dancing with him. It appears Dwight and Andy are sexual competitors once again.
  • Ryan: "You could be hot too, if you made any effort. At all."
    Pam: "Like how? Dying my hair blond?"
    Ryan: "This is from the sun."
  • Dwight to Andy: "Listen, when I saw you talking to Erin earlier, I noticed that your pupils dialated and your skin flushed and I'm assuming a little bit of blood rushed into your penis. Well, a little bit of blood rushed into mine as well. So where does that leave us?"
  • Pam tries to get her old job back, then tries to get a job as a salesman. For a split second, I wondered if Charles would fire Jim and give Pam a sales position.
  • Aww, Michael's free pancakes, in rectangle shapes ("They're shaped like paper"). Creed: "Well I don't even want these." He sets down a stack of rectangle pancakes. Meredith takes them for her kid.
  • Dwight and Andy's guitar-banjo duel for Erin is one of the best Office moments ever. So great, I may have to post the video a little later. . . .
  • Pam makes a sale for the Michael Scott Paper Company! "Who would have thought that the thing that would save this company would be work — and pancakes?"


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