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Why Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba Is Crazy Good

Jun 21 2015 - 1:00pm

Orange Is the New Black has been back for season three for a week, reminding us how much we love our favorite inmates, and one in particular: Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. Uzo Aduba plays Crazy Eyes to perfection, transforming what could have just been a funny background character into one of the most heartbreaking and interesting parts of the whole show. Aduba's portrayal of Crazy Eyes is truly magical, and totally award-worthy. Here are some very specific examples why.

Source: Netflix [1]

Crazy Eyes Is One of Those Great Characters Who Complete the Whole Show.

Source: Netflix [2]

She's Equal Parts Childlike . . .

Source: Netflix [3]

And Scary.

Source: Netflix [4]

She Can Make You Laugh . . .

Source: Netflix [5]

And Also Break Your Heart.

Source: Netflix [6]

She Is Constantly Surprising Us, Like With Her Poetic Skills . . .

Source: Netflix [7]

And Those Crazy Ice-Skating Moves.

Source: Netflix [8]

And Let's Not Forget Her Love of the Theater.

Source: Netflix [9]

Seriously, Crazy Eyes Was Made to Be a Performer!

Source: Netflix [10]

Yes, There Are Other Great OITNB Actresses Nominated, Like Natasha Lyonne . . .

Source: Netflix [11]

And Laverne Cox.

Source: Netflix [12]

But Aduba Has Made Crazy Eyes Into a Can't-Miss Character.

Source: Netflix [13]

Come On, What Is OITNB Without Crazy Eyes?

Source: Netflix [14]

And Remember, Emmy Voters:

Source: Netflix [15]

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