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Why Orange Is the New Black's Uzo Aduba Deserves the Emmy

Aug 11 2014 - 12:00pm

Orange Is the New Black racked up an impressive number of Emmy nominations [1] for its first season, particularly for the outstanding guess actress in a comedy series category, where its female stars have scored three nods. While that category will pit a lot of fan favorites against one another — Natasha Lyonne, Laverne Cox, and Uzo Aduba are all up for the award — we already have our favorite: Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren. Aduba plays Crazy Eyes to perfection, transforming what could have just been a funny background character into one of the most heartbreaking and interesting parts of the whole show. While we love Cox's and Lyonne's performances, Aduba's portrayal of Crazy Eyes is truly magical. Keep reading for all the reasons we think Aduba should be going home from Emmy night with a statue in her hand — and don't forget to check out more reasons OITNB deserves all of its Emmy love [2].

Source: Netflix [3]

Crazy Eyes Is One of Those Great Characters Who Complete the Whole Show.

Source: Netflix [4]

She's Equal Parts Childlike . . .

Source: Netflix [5]

And Scary.

Source: Netflix [6]

She Can Make You Laugh . . .

Source: Netflix [7]

And Also Break Your Heart.

Source: Netflix [8]

She Is Constantly Surprising Us, Like With Her Poetic Skills . . .

Source: Netflix [9]

And Those Crazy Ice-Skating Moves.

Source: Netflix [10]

And Let's Not Forget Her Love of the Theater.

Source: Netflix [11]

Seriously, Crazy Eyes Was Made to Be a Performer!

Source: Netflix [12]

Yes, There Are Other Great OITNB Actresses Nominated, Like Natasha Lyonne . . .

Source: Netflix [13]

And Laverne Cox.

Source: Netflix [14]

But Aduba Has Made Crazy Eyes Into a Can't-Miss Character.

Source: Netflix [15]

Come On, What Is OITNB Without Crazy Eyes?

Source: Netflix [16]

And Remember, Emmy Voters:

Source: Netflix [17]

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