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Brush Up on Orange Is the New Black Before You Watch Season 2

Jun 6 2014 - 5:30am

Can you hear it? That's the sound of 13 new episodes of Orange Is the New Black [1] getting ready to be watched . . . by you. Netflix has released all of season two at once this week, but don't fret! We've got you covered with this handy guide of what you need to remember from the last few episodes of the first season. Take a look through to remember the good times, the bad times, and that infamous beatdown.

Source: Netflix [2]

Taystee Is Granted a Release From Litchfield

We don't yet know why Taystee is in prison, but she does get the opportunity to integrate back into society toward to end of the first season.

Source: Netflix [3]

But Her Life Outside Turns Out to Be Even Worse, So She Comes Back

Not only are her living conditions worse than when she left to go to prison in the first place, life outside for Taystee might even be worse than prison itself. In the end, she chooses to go back and be with her friends.

Source: Netflix [4]

Daya Is Pregnant With Officer Bennett's Baby

Daya and Bennett are legitimately in love, but her pregnancy poses a serious issue for both of them, especially Bennett.

Source: Netflix [5]

But She Has Sex With Mendez, and Now He Thinks He's the Father

In one of the most tragic twists of the first season, Daya agrees to have sex with Mendez. It's all part of Red's plan to have revenge for Mendez's role in Tricia's overdose and get him to leave Litchfield forever.

Source: Netflix [6]

And He Gets Put on Unpaid Leave as Punishment

Bye-bye, Pornstache.

Source: Netflix [7]

Mendez Then Frames Red For His Drug-Smuggling Operation

Mendez can be dumb, but he can also be wickedly smart. He tells Bennett about a fruit truck coming in with a shipment of drugs and Bennett follows his advice and seizes the loot. He uses the information against Red, and Red's kitchen duties are suspended.

Source: Netflix [8]

And Gloria Gets Put in Charge of the Kitchen

She enlists all her pals as new kitchen helpers, too.

Source: Netflix [9]

Red Is Unhappy With This, and She Starts a Grease Fire

Red goes a little too far and starts a fire that injures a few of the inmates, including Gina. She's always been a good mama bear, but this move causes her to lose the respect of some of her friends.

Source: Netflix [10]

Side Note: Figueroa Is Definitely Stealing Money

Figueroa, Litchfield's administrator, is embezzling money to buy herself a fancy car.

Source: Netflix [11]

Meanwhile, Piper Can't Choose Between Alex and Larry

Alex and Larry finally come face to face, and Alex tells him the truth about Piper being the one to rekindle their relationship — not the other way around. Finally, Larry tells Piper they don't share the same values and breaks up with her.

Source: Netflix [12]

Then Alex Gets Fed Up With Piper, Too

Once Larry is officially done with Piper, Piper goes running to Alex, who also rejects her, saying, "Are you kidding me? Get out."

Source: Netflix [13]

Pennsatucky Confronts Piper For a Beat Down Outside the Christmas Pageant

Pennsatucky's had it out for Piper for a long time, and she finally gets a chance to confront her in the snow, clad in an angel's outfit from the pageant and a shank in the shape of a cross.

Source: Netflix [14]

Piper Screams For Help, But Officer Healy Ignores Her

Over the course of the season, Healy transforms from an odd guy with something against lesbians to a full-on monster. He hears Piper, but he's content to let her die.

Source: Netflix [15]

Suddenly, Piper Snaps and Beats the Crap Out of Pennsatucky

Piper has had a rough few months, and she is over it. She lets all of her aggressions out on Pennsatucky, beating her to a pulp. Maybe Pennsatucky will finally get some new teeth?

Source: Netflix [16]

Finally, Crazy Eyes Does This

Fingers crossed for more of this next season!

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