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Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of Orange Is the New Black Will Make You Miss It So Much

Feb 17 2015 - 3:21pm

Orange Is the New Black [1]'s third season is on the way — we have proof. Pictures behind the scenes of the new season have been turning up on the show's official Instagram account, not to mention all the cute selfies the cast has shared. We know a lot about season three already [2], and though these pictures don't give away a ton, they're really fun. Check them out, and if you can't stand the wait, here's where you can see the cast in other roles [3].

This is literally a picture of the girls watching Lea DeLaria take down that subway hater [4].

Diane Guerrero is all about the mirror selfies.

Laura Gómez gives a terrifying look at the camera.

"Litchfield COs on duty."

The cast celebrated their big Emmy nominations while filming the new season!

Can't wait for some more Yoga Jones action!

The cast gets together for a Halloween [5] picture on the set.

This is just some good old-fashioned sisterly love.

Is there anything better than an OITNB group selfie?

Kimiko Glenn poses with Uzo Aduba.

Danielle Brooks goofs off on the set

Boo's back to the white tank top!

And introducing Ruby Rose as Stella Carlin!

She's getting pretty buddy-buddy with the cast.

Yael Stone is over the moon about the new addition.

The cast lives to break rules.

Happy face, angry face!

It's important to find a moment of peace on the set when you can.

Uzo Aduba, aka Crazy Eyes, shared pictures of her favorite ladies for Woman Crush Wednesday.

Uzo Abuda does not look like she's in costume.

Flaca's (Jackie Cruz) eyeliner is getting out of control.

She pulls it off, though.

I see Yoga Jones (Constance Shulman), Lorna Morello (Yael Stone), and Brook Soso (Kimiko Glenn) — but who's in the upper right corner?

If you could hug Matt McGorry, you would too.

The chairs were all lined up and ready to be sat in for season three!

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