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How the Vampire Diaries Gang Would React to The Originals Episode 11

Jan 22 2014 - 7:09am

How do you solve a problem like Davina? The Originals [1] gives us an unexpected answer on "Après Moi, le Déluge" — which translates to "After Me, the Flood." The Harvest is completed (sort of) on this week's episode and all sorts of magic is running amok around the French Quarter. Davina is critically ill and bringing a plague down upon New Orleans as Klaus and Marcel are becoming total bros, and Elijah is brooding about the fact that Hayley looked at his journals. (Those were private!) The big news this week is that someone dies. Like, for real. Let's see what The Vampire Diaries would think of all this.

When Davina Throws Up Dirt

Ew. Turns out when witches get sick, they don't vomit like humans. Instead, Davina retches dirt. Just pure, disgusting dirt. In her teenage fury, she's involuntarily assaulting New Orleans with the elements (think wind, water, and fire), and the city is on lockdown.

When Elijah Gives Hayley the Cold Shoulder

Hayley shouldn't have gone behind Elijah's back like she does, but man, I didn't expect Elijah to freeze her out like this! Sounds like he really loves Celeste and isn't ready to give her up. Honestly, I'd hate to see what would happen if you cut Elijah in line at Starbucks.

When Klaus Grabs the Supplies From Hayley

He does have a heart! At first, Klaus stops Hayley from going out in the terrible weather (thanks, Davina), but then he just grabs her supplies and donates them to the church where his werewolf clan is staying. I think Hayley says it best: "This family gets more complicated by the second." Another great Klaus moment this week: his emotionally bonding with Marcel.

When Elijah Says They Could Bury His Mother

What now? How about you don't dredge up your awful witch mother in all this business, guys? Especially given that she is "the most powerful witch in history"?

When Davina Starts Telling Marcel About Her Dream

Ain't nobody got time for your dreams, Davina.

When Davina Throws Up Water

Yuck, I don't even like watching this. Why so much projectile vomiting?

When Davina Is Still Beautiful Even While Dying

Did I miss the part where she throws some lipstick on? Maybe that's another witchy power: looking awesome even as you lay dying.

When Sophie Slices Davina's Throat

I actually never thought they were going to be able to complete The Harvest. I'm shocked Marcel just lets it happen, though I guess Davina does tell him she's ready to die.

When the Little Witches Don't Come Back to Life

Sad news, guys. After Davina dies, everyone assumes she and the other witches will come back to life in accordance with magical tradition, but they don't. Tough break.

When Elijah Doesn't Kiss Hayley . . . Again

I'm over this. We've been waiting for Elijah and Hayley to hook up all season. OK, maybe that's weird because she's pregnant with Klaus's baby, but all I'm asking for is a kiss! I'm done here.

When Sabine Turns Out to Be Celeste

When the witches don't come back to life, all their power goes to Sabine. While Rebekah and company are still wondering what happened, Sabine resurrects three people from the cemetery, then asks them to call her by her real name: Celeste. Say what! Does this mean she and Elijah have a chance, or is she just completely evil?

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