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This Week's The Originals, as Explained by One Tree Hill GIFs

Mar 12 2014 - 8:12am

The Mikaelsons begin this episode penned into the cemetery by a spell, and it's just about the worst family therapy session you could imagine. Klaus now knows Rebekah is responsible for the return of their father, Mikael, years before, and, as you may imagine, he's not terribly happy. In some families a confession of betrayal might result in shunning or something normal like that, but for the Mikaelsons, it just means someone (or everyone) is about the get stabbed. This week, I've enlisted the help of One Tree Hill to explain my feelings about the events. Spoiler alert — a main character leaves the show for good [1].

When They Flash Back to Little Elijah and Klaus

Um, these kids are adorable. Unfortunately, their father doesn't feel the same way. When Klaus missing his mark, Mikael smacks him: "It's a shame we can't feed on snotty apologies!" Uncool, Mikael.

When Father Kieran Is Pretty Much Like, "Good Luck Dying"

For being a man of God, Father Kieran's not very comforting, is he? When Marcel comes to him for help, Kieran just tells him he better run because Klaus is going to rip him apart.

When Rebekah Finally Yells at Klaus

Girl power, am I right? I was really happy to hear Rebekah finally speak from the heart about what Klaus has done to her life. (FYI, he ruined it.)

When Klaus Stabs Elijah

Stop stabbing each other, already!

When Klaus Stabs Rebekah With the White Oak Stake

So uncalled for! This is one of my main issues with The Originals. The siblings are constantly squabbling amongst themselves. Shouldn't they be fighting other forces like witches or werewolves? Who cares about centuries-old grudges? This bickering just isn't exciting anymore.

When Klaus and Rebekah Have a Heart-to-Heart and Klaus Cries

Like I said, bickering is not exciting. But Klaus crying? OK, I'll watch that. He breaks down ever so slightly when Rebekah says, "We are the definition of cursed." He does have a heart, you guys!

When Marcel and Rebekah Kiss Goodbye

I definitely thought she would change her mind and stay after that kiss from Marcel. Sadly, she does not.

When Rebekah Goes to Say Goodbye to Hayley

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I know Hayley is a werewolf now, but is she also a 16th century gypsy? Where is this girl living?

When Rebekah Leaves Town For Good

Enough fun and games. Rebekah is leaving AND SHE'S NOT COMING BACK [2]. I am kind of heartbroken. I might actually be crying if I wasn't laughing that this scene is essentially doing a shot-for-shot remake of the end of Cruel Intentions.

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