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Gossip Girl Explains The Originals This Week

Mar 5 2014 - 8:30am

An old friend visits the Mikaelsons this week on The Originals [1]! In fact, it's none other than their namesake himself: Mikael. (Or "The Destroyer," if you're going by his self-imposed nickname.) This week's episode flashes between 1919 and the present, explaining just what exactly happened between Klaus and his father that was so bad. In case you're wondering, it's horrific — even by The Originals standards. In other news, someone important dies! We're giving the Supernatural boys [2] a week off and letting the cast of Gossip Girl react to the episode. Enjoy!

When Elijah Jams His Fist Into Klaus's Abdomen

At the end of last week's cliffhanger, Elijah stabs Klaus in order to save Rebekah from his wrath after he finds out she is the one who summoned their father back in 1919. Flash to present day and Elijah cuts open Klaus's body and asks Cami to look after him as he slowly recovers. My question: who is in charge of the sound effects on this show, and what did we do to make him so angry? This scene is disgusting, and my whole body recoiled.

When Klaus Grants Rebekah Permission to Be With Marcel

The irony! Klaus drunkenly grants his blessing to Rebekah and Marcel right after Rebekah calls their father forth to destroy Klaus. My heart broke knowing how doomed the whole situation is.

When Mikael Calls Himself "The Destroyer"

OK, technically he says other people call him that, but I can't shake the feeling that he started his own nickname. Like one day he was like, "'The Destroyer' sounds cool," and then he started compelling people to call him that.

When Marcel Rips That Witch's Head Off

Thierry is talking to the witches, pretending to be on their side when, all of a sudden, things go wrong and Marcel straight-up beheads one of Celeste's henchwomen. Interesting fact: I rewatched this scene three times.

When Mikael Whips Out the White Oak Stake

In addition to being an expert nicknamer, Mikael is also a master at carving white oak stakes. When Elijah refuses to help him kill Klaus, Mikael stabs Elijah with a piece of wood, but Elijah doesn't die, because, well, obviously.

When Hayley Walks Away From Elijah

A kiss on the forehead?? Is that a joke? Elijah gives Hayley the go-ahead to be with her pack of werewolves, knowing he'll never be enough for her. Before she goes, he gives her a kiss . . . on the forehead. I'm done here.

When the Stage Opens Up to Reveal The "Play"

If you thought Klaus was bad, now you know where it comes from. To punish Klaus for being an "abomination," Mikael sneaks up on him at the opera house. As the curtains open, Klaus sees a grotesque display of his friends on stage and dying — including Marcel. He and his siblings try to save Marcel, but Mikael lights the place on fire and they're forced to flee. (Side note: that fire really happened [3]!)

When Marcel Digs Up Davina

I know Marcel loves Davina, but she's been dead for a while. I don't know exactly what happens when people die (no need to explain), but I'm pretty sure there is some decomposition and odor involved. No, thank you.

When Elijah Kills Celeste

Celeste's ally betrays her and allows Elijah to finally put Celeste's reign of witchy terror to an end. I'm grateful, because I can really only focus my energy on one villain at a time, and, right now, I care much more about Mikael.

When Davina Wakes Up

OK, then. I guess Davina is back.

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