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The Supernatural Boys Recap The Originals

Feb 26 2014 - 8:20am

So far this season, we've been letting The Vampire Diaries gang recap The Originals [1], but it's time to switch things up. This week, we're recounting the episode with GIFs of Supernatural [2]. After all, what better way to capture our thoughts on Rebekah's uncovered scandal than with Dean Winchester's many facial expressions? "Long Way Back From Hell" finds the Mikaelson family in the midst of yet another drama, as Rebekah and Klaus are being held captive by the villainous Celeste and Genevieve. Let's dive right in, shall we?

When Rebekah Starts Seeing Gross Things From the Past

This episode starts gruesomely, with Rebekah waking up in an empty sanitarium and hallucinating all sorts of sick people. Listen, I don't watch this show to see people spit up blood. Give me some sexy vampire love triangles.

When Celeste Stands Over a Tortured Klaus

First Genevieve stabs Rebekah all the way through her body, then it's revealed that Celeste is inside, torturing Klaus. A single tear for Klaus's mangled body, please.

When Hayley Finally Looks Pregnant

How long has she even been pregnant? Three years? I think I see a bump, and yes, she's even waddling a bit.

When Elijah Takes His Shirt Off

Is it just me or does he look even better with tattoos?

When Genevieve Asks Klaus to Drink Some Weird Liquid

Klaus is many things, but he's not dumb. I'm shocked he willingly drinks the liquid Genevieve hands to him. Not a great move, but at least it does what she claims: shows him the past, when his sister betrays him by bringing back their father.

When Marcel and Rebekah Make Out in the Morgue

Why do I feel like I'm intruding on someone's personal moment? They're in a MORGUE. It's full of dead people. Having said that, I love these flashbacks.

When the Twins Show Up and Scream at Rebekah

Is this The Shining? What is happening right now?

When Rebekah Infects Genevieve and Clara With the Flu

I know it's harsh, but how resourceful of Rebekah! At first I just thought she's making Genevieve touch blood because it's gross, but then I realized that blood is totally infected with a deadly flu. Point Rebekah.

When Hayley Smacks Celeste and Calls Her "Witch B*tch"

Pregnant lady to the rescue! While I don't think Hayley should be running around in abandoned sanitarium, I do applaud her defensiveness over the Mikaelsons.

When Elijah Saves Rebekah and Stabs Klaus

Oh, this is not going to be good. Klaus is about to kill Rebekah, and Elijah saves the day by making Klaus stab himself instead! But as we know, no one really dies on this show — no one important, anyway — and Klaus survives to see next week! Rebekah, Elijah, and Marcel are in some deep trouble.

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