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This Week's Episode of The Originals — as Explained by Gilmore Girls GIFs

Apr 23 2014 - 8:09am

With only a handful of episodes left until the first season finale, The Originals [1] is really stepping up the drama. Father Kieran is having some serious personal issues due to his being under a witch's curse, and Hayley is in the midst of a tragedy out in the woods. To give you a small taste of the madness, this week's episode involves the following: electroshock therapy, someone being smothered with a pillow, an explosion, and an immense amount of sexual tension — as always. This week, we've enlisted Gilmore Girls [2] to help demonstrate our feelings. Here goes nothing!

Source: The CW [3]

When Klaus and Elijah Are Talking About Their Mother's Grimoire

Ha! Books.

When the Guy Rolls Into Camp and His Bike Explodes

What world do we live in where werewolves can't just camp out in peace in the middle of the woods? They're not hurting anyone! The aftermath of the explosion looks pretty grim, too.

When They Give Father Kieran Electroshock Therapy

Primetime is no place for horrifying electroshock therapy! That's why American Horror Story is on at 10 p.m.! Come on, CW. No one wants to have nightmares about this tonight.

When Klaus Asks Cami For "a Word in Private"

Oh, he would like "a word," would he? More like a makeout session. (Clarification: they do not make out — much to my disappointment.)

When Hayley Stabs Diego

Hayley is really taking the reins as the leader of the pack, and when someone attacks her family, she marches right into town and stakes Diego. Don't worry, he's still alive. Remember: staking vampires doesn't actually do anything permanent 99 percent of the time.

When Father Kiernan Bites His Own Thumb Off to Escape

One minute it's there, the next, it's gone! No, but seriously, this is disgusting.

When Marcel Tells Hayley He Knew Her Father

I had to rewind this part. So Hayley's family was once superpowerful, but when they all died, it was Marcel who found Hayley as a baby. So he's known exactly who she is this whole time? OK, why not?

When Father Kieran Flatlines

Wait for it.

When Oliver Smothers Evie With a Pillow

Truth be told, I don't care about either of these people, but it's still disturbing to see someone suddenly smother their friend with a pillow.

When Cami Walks Away From Father Kieran

This scene is brutal. Father Kieran wakes up as a vampire and, knowing he'll have to kill himself, tells Cami to walk away and never look back. So maybe I teared up a little.

When the Mark Reappears on Father Kieran

Does anyone else think it's hilarious that the mark just looks like a doorman put an X on his hand so he wouldn't be served alcohol?

When Father Kiernan Tries to Kill Cami

Snap! Cami thinks maybe he's changed his mind about that whole suicide thing, but instead he just tries to murder her. So awkward.

When Klaus Kills Father Kieran

In this situation, Father Kieran is Humphrey.

When Marcel Comforts Cami

OK, her uncle just died. I get it. I still love the sexual tension.

When Elijah Cheers to Their Victory

What's this? A truce between brothers? I like it. Let's see how long it lasts.

The End

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