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All the Havoc and Highlights From the Originals Season Finale

May 14 2014 - 8:17am

That's it, folks! The first season of The Originals [1] has concluded, and we got quite a season finale. The baby is born! Someone dies! Then they come back again (sort of)! There's unintentional rhyming! Blood tears! Ninja stars! It's all very exciting as the witches prepare to sacrifice Klaus and Hayley's baby, while Mikael returns to the land of the living, thanks to Davina. This week, we're closing out a great season by using GIFs from The Vampire Diaries to help illustrate our reactions to the episode's events. Take a look, and let us know what you thought of the finale!

When Klaus Laughs and Smiles With Hayley

Before Hayley realizes she's in a church on the holy table while witches induce her baby's premature labor, she has a really lovely daydream starring Klaus. They're actually getting along, and it's the first time I think we've (ever) seen Klaus with a genuine grin that doesn't mean someone is about to die.

When Klaus Snaps That Guy's Head Off

Oh man, he snaps that dude's head clear off his body! I love it when Klaus puts his rage face on.

When Monique Slices Hayley's Throat

Right after the baby is born — how fitting is it that womanizer Klaus now has a baby girl? — the witches let Hayley hold her, right before Monique slices Hayley's throat. I was worried this would happen, but no one stays dead for long, do they?

When Hayley Wakes Up and Puts Her Mama Bear Face On

You do NOT mess with a werewolf's baby, end of story. You definitely don't mess with a hybrid's baby, which is what Hayley is about to become. She doesn't even care about herself, she just wants the baby to be OK. That's a good mama.

When Monique Rhymes Power and Hour

I don't think she even means to do it, but it's still hilarious.

When Those Creepy Twins Come Back

Who else completely forgot about the ghost twins in white suits? Everyone? OK, just checking.

When Marcel Kills Monique With a Ninja Star

There are so many awesome things about this. I genuinely didn't even think Marcel would show up to this battle, let along throw the winning punch! That is a ninja star, right? Who cares, it's brilliant.

When Genevieve Starts Crying Blood

First you try to kill Klaus's baby, then you try to make me feel bad for you, then you make me look at your gross blood tears? I don't think so, girl.

When Hayley Kills Genevieve

Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Me too.

When Francesca Gives a Press Conference About Gang Violence

This is laughable, but I suppose they have to say something about the fact that New Orleans is literally being ripped apart. They have a horrific, bloody massacre in the middle of a public square! I keep forgetting that this is a real city and not Mystic Falls where stuff like that is just business as usual.

When Klaus Tells Cami They "Can't Be Friends" Anymore

When I saw the pictures of this episode [2], I was really hoping that Klaus and Cami's closeness would equal romance, but no such luck. Instead, he sends her away, fearing for her safety. Can they at least be pen pals? Is this fourth grade?

When Rebekah Returns to Care For the Baby

REBEKAHHH! This is such a perfect moment. Not only is it a great solution for Klaus, Hayley, and baby Hope (so cute), but Rebekah has always wanted a family. You just know she'll watch over that baby like a hawk and give her the life that she deserves — picket fence and all.

When Esther Returns From the Grave

After a power struggle with Davina, Mikael is trapped in the attic, and he'll have to sit back and watch as Mother Mikaelson wrecks havoc on their children. (Ugh, he so wanted to get to them first.) Why are these parents hellbent on punishing their adult vampire kids? And how weird is it that Esther is in that young lady body? I'm creeped out.

When That Guy Is All, "Yes, Mother"

I'm not going to state the obvious, but I will say um, what?

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