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Orphan Black Refresher: What Happened in Season One?

Apr 18 2014 - 8:00am

The second season of Orphan Black [1] starts this weekend, and it's almost impossible to contain our excitement. We've already seen quite a few teasers, and the most recent preview [2] makes it seem like we're dealing with an all-out clone war. Before we get to the new episode, though, let's refresh with all the insane things that happened last season. Keep scrolling to jog your memory.

Source: BBC America [3]

Sarah Watches Her Doppelgänger Kill Herself

Talk about an opening sequence! Just as we meet Sarah Manning, Sarah meets her clone Beth. Seconds later, Beth hurls herself in front of a train.

Source: BBC America [4]

Sarah Meets Yet Another Version of Herself

Katja Obinger pops up shortly after Sarah starts impersonating Beth, only to be shot almost instantly in the head.

Source: BBC America [5]

Sarah Discovers There Are Quite a Few of Her

It's not long before Sarah encounters a whole network of clones, and she has no choice but to dive straight into the mystery.

Source: BBC America [6]

Helena's Totally Crazy

Like, she's bonkers, guys. Helena's convinced she's the original and tries to kill off everyone else.

Source: BBC America [7]

Alison Watches as Her Friend and Neighbor Dies

When Alison suspects that her neighbor Aynsley is her monitor, she definitely just stands there and watches the garbage disposal choke her to death.

Source: BBC America [8]

Cosima Hooks Up With Her Monitor

Bad Cosima! Bad!

Source: BBC America [9]

Paul Is Beth's Monitor, but He's Also a Good Guy?

We're not really sure where we stand with Paul. It seems like he's good, but we're having trouble trusting anyone who's not a clone.

Source: BBC America [10]

Alison Tortures Her Husband With a Glue Gun

Alison suspects her husband is her monitor, so the only solution is to burn some answers out of him. Turns out he's not her monitor after all . . . or is he?

Source: BBC America [11]


Yes, the man who made all these clones in the first place totally has a tail. And it's gross.

Source: BBC America [12]

Helena Kidnaps Kira

We were on the edge of our seat when Helena kidnaps Sarah's daughter, Kira, and to make matters worse, Kira gets hit by a car. It's cool, though, since Kira seems to have some sort of weird healing ability.

Source: BBC America [13]

Cosima Gets the Clone Sickness

We all know the clones have a sort of expiration date. Cosima starts exhibiting symptoms, coughing up blood.

Source: BBC America [14]

Mrs. S Is a Big Fat Traitor

Shame on you, Mrs. S! We trusted you! In the season finale, she up and vanishes, taking Kira with her.

Source: BBC America [15]

Sarah Kills Helena

I mean, Sarah really has no choice.

Source: BBC America [16]

Sarah Meets Pro-Clone Rachel

Sarah meets pro-clone Rachel near the end of season one. Rachel marks the sixth clone Sarah has met, coming after Beth, Katja, Alison, Helena, and Cosima. Everyone hates Rachel, though, because she's on the wrong side.

Source: BBC America [17]

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