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Piper Chapman and Nancy Botwin Have a Weird Amount of Things in Common

Jun 25 2014 - 9:00am

If Orange Is the New Black has ever reminded you of Weeds, consider this: Jenji Kohan created both hits. Even though the shows have two totally different premises and characters, we can't help but notice the similarities between their deeply flawed yet lovable heroines, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker [1]). After bidding farewell to Nancy in the Weeds series finale in 2012, we couldn't wait to see what Kohan had in store for us next. Fortunately, she hasn't disappointed with OITNB, giving us a badass who carries Nancy's torch. Keep reading to see all the times Piper reminded us of Nancy.

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When Piper Takes on a New Look to Transport Drug Money

Source: Netflix [4]

Nancy Also Transformed Herself in a Time of Need

Source: Showtime [5]

When Piper Lands in Prison

Source: Netflix [6]

Nancy Wasn't a Stranger to the Slammer

Source: Showtime [7]

When Piper Shows Off Embarrassing Dance Moves

Source: Netflix [8]

Nancy's Were Even Worse!

Source: Showtime [9]

When Piper Legitimately Scares You

Source: Netflix [10]

Nancy Also Threatened to Kill People, but She Wore Makeup

Source: Showtime [11]

When Piper Plays With Fire

Source: Netflix [12]

Nancy Specialized in Complicated Relationships Too

Source: Showtime [13]

When Piper Gets a Prison Wife

Source: Netflix [14]

Nancy's Like, "Been There, Done That"

Source: Showtime [15]

When Piper Torments the Man in Her Life

Source: Netflix [16]

Remember How Nancy Totally Broke Uncle Andy's Heart?

Source: Showtime [17]

When Piper Is Alarmingly Out of Touch

Source: Netflix [18]

Nancy's Perspective Was Also Pretty Out There

Source: Showtime [19]

When Piper Has a Breakdown

Source: Netflix [20]

Did She Take Lessons From Nancy, or What?

Source: Showtime [21]

When Piper Eases the Pain With Wine

Source: Netflix [22]

Mama Liked the Grape Too

Source: Showtime [23]

When Piper's BFF, Polly, Is a Terrible Friend

Source: Netflix [24]

Just Remember What Nancy Had to Deal With

Celia was a piece of work.

Source: Showtime [25]

When Piper Keeps It Real

Source: Netflix [26]

Nancy Was the Queen of Authenticity

Source: Showtime [27]

When Piper Makes Self-Sabotage an Art Form

Source: Netflix [28]

Nancy Eventually Embraced It

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