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Playlist: 50 Songs for 50 States

When I asked Buzz readers to come up with a song for all 50 of the United States, I knew you'd get it done. But I wasn't expecting you to do it so quickly! Less than 24 hours after I first posted the challenge last week, every state had at least one suggested song, and the options just kept rolling in. (Interesting bit of trivia: The last state to get a song suggestion was Utah.)

Picking the list for my 50 Songs for 50 States iMix was tough with so many great options. I tried to keep a balance of genres and artists, and to incorporate suggestions from as many of you as possible. I also tried to pick songs that were on iTunes, but unfortunately, the picks for Maine, Maryland and North Carolina weren't available. To make up for their absence, I added saritalasweeta's pick of a song to represent Washington, DC. If you'd like to make a playlist of your own or just see what everyone came up with, all of the suggestions are posted here.

I have to give shout-outs to tikilite, glam sugar, jenybugs and rhondak for coming up with full playlists of their own, and to D-Diggity for nearly making it through the whole country using nothing but Johnny Cash songs. To see my playlist,

  1. Alabama: "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynrd Skynrd
  2. Alaska: "Alaska" by Dr. Dog
  3. Arizona: "Hotel Arizona" by Wilco
  4. Arkansas: "Arkansas Killing Time" by The Pine Box Boys
  5. California: "California Girls" by the Beach Boys
  6. Colorado: "The Colorado Trail" by Connie Dover
  7. Connecticut: "Connecticut" by Judy Garland and Bing Crosby
  8. Delaware: "Hello, I'm in Delaware" by City and Colour
  9. Florida: "Florida" by Modest Mouse
  10. Georgia: "Midnight Train to Georgia" by Gladys Knight
  11. Hawaii: "Blue Hawaii" by Elvis
  12. Idaho: "Private Idaho" by the B-52's
  13. Illinois: "Lookin' Out My Back Door" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  14. Indiana: "Goin' Back to Indiana" by the Jackson Five
  15. Iowa: "Iowa" by Dar Williams
  16. Kansas: "You're Not in Kansas Anymore" by Jo Dee Messina
  17. Kentucky: "Awnaw" by Nappy Roots
  18. Louisiana: "Louisiana" by the Walkmen
  19. Maine: "Maine" by They Might Be Giants
  20. Maryland: "Maryland" by Vonda Shepard
  21. Massachusetts: "U-Mass" by The Pixies
  22. Michigan: "Say Yes! To Michigan" by Sufjan Stevens
  23. Minnesota: "Minnesoter" by the Dandy Warhols
  24. Mississippi: "Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)" by Sugarland
  25. Missouri: "Missouri Waltz" by Johnny Cash
  26. Montana: "Blue Rock Montana" by Willie Nelson
  27. Nebraska: "Nebraska" by Bruce Springsteen
  28. Nevada: "Stop in Nevada" by Billy Joel
  29. New Hampshire: "New Hampshire" by Matt Pond PA
  30. New Jersey: "Jersey Girl" by Tom Waits
  31. New Mexico: "Crash and Burn" by Sheryl Crow
  32. New York: "The Only Living Boy in New York" by Simon & Garfunkel
  33. North Carolina: "North Carolina" by the Oranges Band
  34. North Dakota: "North Dakota" by Lyle Lovett
  35. Ohio: "Ohio" by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
  36. Oklahoma: "Oklahoma Hills" by Arlo Guthrie
  37. Oregon: "Portland Oregon" by Loretta Lynn with Jack White
  38. Pennsylvania: "Pennsylvania 6-5000" by the Glenn Miller Band
  39. Rhode Island: "Sweet Rhode Island Red" by Ike and Tina Turner
  40. South Carolina: "From South Carolina" by Her Space Holiday
  41. South Dakota: "South Dakota Hairdo" by Joe West
  42. Tennessee: "Tennessee" by Arrested Development
  43. Texas: "All my Ex's Live in Texas" by George Strait
  44. Utah: "The History of Utah" by Camper Van Beethoven
  45. Vermont: "Moonlight in Vermont" by Ella Fitzgerald
  46. Virginia: "Virginia Moon" by Foo Fighters
  47. Washington: "Four Hours In Washington" by M. Ward
  48. West Virginia: "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver
  49. Wisconsin: "Highway 51 Blues" by Bob Dylan
  50. Wyoming: "Song of Wyoming" by Chris LeDoux
  51. Washington, DC: "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight" by The Postal Service
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