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10 Lies That Pretty Little Liars Told Us

Feb 21 2014 - 5:33pm

Given its name, fans shouldn't be surprised that Pretty Little Liars tends to stretch the truth, but some instances are crazier than others. After the big reveal that Ezra isn't "A" [1] on the most recent episode, we thought back to the past four seasons and realized that this is just one of many times the show has led us astray or flat-out lied to us. Below, we've tallied up some of the biggest lies that PLL has told us, including many "A" reveal fake outs and hidden intel divulged about the girls and their cohorts.

Source: ABC Family [2]

Ali Is Dead

This is, by far, the biggest lie that the show has ever told. For four seasons, we were told Alison DiLaurentis was dead and in the ground, but instead, she's been alive, posing as a "good" version of Red Coat (CeCe Drake is the "evil" version) and apparently trying to escape someone who wants to hurt her. Is that "A"? It seems like it, but we don't know if Ali is telling the truth whatsoever — this could be one big, elaborate plan to fool the girls. And there's always that twin theory from the books . . .

Source: ABC Family [3]

Mona Is "A"

Mona was confirmed to be one version of "A" at the end of season two, but then she started helping the Liars. However, considering we found out she's been working for Ezra this season, she could have her own agenda and still be "A," making for yet another big lie.

Source: ABC Family [4]

Toby Is on the "A" Team

In one of the most jaw-dropping reveals, Mona was seen giving directions to a hoodie-wearing figure, and when he turned around, it was Toby! Later, we find out he was just doing it to help Spencer, and then another twist made this a two-part lie.

Source: ABC Family [5]

Spencer Is on the "A" Team

Surprise! Spencer joined the "A" team after seemingly freaking out about Toby. While it was just to help the rest of the Liars, we didn't know that back in season three. This became the third fake out about the "A" team, and there have been plenty more since.

Source: ABC Family [6]

Ezra Is "A"

Psych! Ezra isn't "A," as the show had led us to believe for most of the Winter installment of season four. Instead, he's apparently writing a crime novel about Alison [7] — at least that's what he told Aria — and that's supposed to explain why he was stalking them and had two creepy lairs with surveillance.

Source: ABC Family [8]

Ian Is Dead

In the season one finale, we saw Ian choked by a rope in the bell tower after trying to kill the girls. Then, in season two, he was alive . . . but then turned up dead again in a bar, likely killed by "A."

Source: ABC Family [9]

Mona Killed Wilden

Mona confessed to Wilden's murder to save Hanna's mom, Ashley, from taking the fall. Later, both Mona and Ashley are cleared, and CeCe becomes the main suspect.

Source: ABC Family [10]

Melissa Is Pregnant

Melissa has a big history with pregnancy problems. She apparently miscarried, then claimed to be pregnant around the time her husband, Ian, died. However, she later reveals she was blackmailed by "A" about it and had faked her pregnancy since his death.

Source: ABC Family [11]

Malcolm Is Ezra's Son

This was more a lie to Ezra, who had no idea that Malcolm wasn't his son. He actually didn't even know he had a son at first, as Maggie was paid off and sent away, but he finds out — after a DNA test — in season four that she got drunk and slept with someone else, and the baby isn't his.

Source: ABC Family [12]

Toby's Mom Committed Suicide

Toby first thinks his mom committed suicide while she was in Radley, but he uncovers in season four that she didn't, thanks to a clue from "A." Later, it seems like it's a murder, but in the end, it turns out it was a complete accident.

Source: ABC Family [13]

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