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A Ranking of Pretty Little Liars' Best B*tch Faces

Mar 20 2015 - 3:05am

When it comes to Pretty Little Liars [1], you can be sure of a couple things. One, you're going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who "A" is [2]. Two, you're going to spend the rest of your time being terrified. And yet, in spite of the heavy subject matter of the show, we like to have fun sometimes, too! We've already shared a huge bunch of our favorite facial expressions ever [3], but today, it's all about the sass. Keep scrolling as we pick out the absolute sassiest moments in the show's history.

Source: ABC Family [4]

Aria's Slight Eye Narrowing

You can say a lot with that squint.

Source: ABC Family [5]

Mona's Crazy Smile

This one only makes the list because you know Mona's got a screw loose. It makes this smile that much more sinister.

Source: ABC Family [6]

Hanna's Abrupt Dismissal

"Nope. Bye."

Source: ABC Family [7]

Spencer's Death Stare

The one thing that makes this moment so sassy is the hair.

Source: ABC Family [8]

Jenna's Fierce Glasses Removal

We can't even tell what's sassier, removing the glasses or the expression that says, "Let's do this."

Source: ABC Family [9]

Spencer's Subtle Up-Down

So subtle, so sassy.

Source: ABC Family [10]

Emily's Eye Roll

Followed by a face that's like, "Can't even deal with you right now."

Source: ABC Family [11]

Spencer's Slightly Less Subtle Up-Down

That face says, "I'm not even going to dignify that with a response."

Source: ABC Family [12]

Hanna's "Puh-lease" Moment

She looks so done.

Source: ABC Family [13]

Hanna's Judgmental Head Tilt

It's all, "Come on, now."

Source: ABC Family [14]

Mona's Condescending Head Shake

She doesn't even have time to tell you how wrong you are.

Source: ABC Family [15]

Hanna's Moment of Surrender

It's fun when you can pinpoint the moment someone just gives up.

Source: ABC Family [16]

Mona's "As If!"

It's almost the exact face Regina George makes when you tell her to try Sears.

Source: ABC Family [17]

Hanna's Phone Realness

You don't even need a caption or audio to know she is serving up major sass.

Source: ABC Family [18]

Hanna's "Duh" Moment

There's almost nothing sassier than a duh. Almost.

Source: ABC Family [19]

Alison's Head Tilt of Death

The moment right before Alison shuts anyone and everyone down.

Source: ABC Family [20]

Hanna's Ruthless Sass

Again, you don't even need to hear her to know she's being so real right now.

Source: ABC Family [21]

Spencer's Perfect Hair Flip

It's hard to execute a hair flip while simultaneously being like, "Can you literally not?"

Source: ABC Family [22]

Melissa's Transcendent Eye Roll

Look at it. It's like the definition of sassy. We just got a lethal dose of sass.

Source: ABC Family [23]

Spencer's Face Drop

Allow us to present this with the necessary caption context: "Hahaha no."

Source: ABC Family [24]

Hanna's Double Head Tilt

This move takes a lot of practice and savvy. It's like a triple threat.

Source: ABC Family [25]

Hanna's Unbeatable Eye Roll

An eye roll followed by a drinking declaration? We obviously have a winner.

Source: ABC Family [26]

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