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5 Things to Remember For the Pretty Little Liars Summer Premiere

Jun 10 2014 - 1:36pm

The fifth season premiere of Pretty Little Liars [1] is finally here! As you might recall, season four ended with promises that Alison DiLaurentis would finally tell us everything about the night she disappeared. We had theories about what might happen [2], and we had expectations: we knew Ali was finally going to spill her secrets, but would we really find out the identity of "A"? Would we figure out if or how Mrs. DiLaurentis was involved? Some of our burning questions finally do get answered, but in true Pretty Little Liars fashion, they only lead to more questions.

That being said, we do actually get some answers. We find out Spencer didn't actually hurt anyone that fateful night, and even though Mrs. DiLaurentis wasn't Ali's assailant, she was, indeed, the one who buried Ali alive. What's more, we also find out Ali was responsible for pushing Ian off the top of the clock tower. With all these revelations, though, we still don't get what we really want. Keep scrolling to find out which questions have been haunting us all the way to season five.

Source: ABC Family [3]

Mona Might Totally Still Be Crazy

Furthermore, what was the deal with that creepy dollhouse shrine for Alison? Mona was "A" once before, is there a chance she's still in the game?

Source: ABC Family [4]

Melissa Hastings Whispers a Terrible Secret to Her Father

Whatever it is, it seems to put a grown man in a state of shock. Can't wait to get the full story on that one.

Source: ABC Family [5]

Ezra Might or Might Not Be Dead

Related questions: Why did Ezra have to be the one to get shot? What business did he have roaming rooftops in NYC anyway?

Source: ABC Family [6]

We Still Don't Really Know Who "A" Is

As Hanna remarks, that rooftop-hopping stunt probably means "A" is not Ali's mom, so who is it? Jason DiLaurentis? Wren Kingston? Just throwing a few new suspects out there.

Source: ABC Family [7]

Mrs. DiLaurentis Is Probably, Almost Surely Dead

Looks like she's pretty dead to me. This is a classic Pretty Little Liars move, isn't it? Remember when we thought Ian was "A," and then he gets killed? And don't forget Garrett. Right when he gets supersuspicious, he also gets superdead.

What did you think of the finale? Are any questions plaguing you after watching?

Source: ABC Family [8]

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