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5 Reasons to Doubt the Evidence in the Pretty Little Liars Finale

Aug 27 2014 - 10:00am

Warning: do not read unless you've watched the Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars!

We've been looking forward to the Summer finale of Pretty Little Liars [1] for weeks now. When we first learned about the aptly titled "Fatal Finale," our heads began spinning with theories on who they'd kill off [2]. Well, this week, we finally get our answer. The latest "A" victim is, indeed, Mona Vanderwaal, and the way it's set up, it's really looking like Ali might be the one who does it. But you know what? We've been down this road before, and we're not so sure. Keep scrolling to find out why the finale might not be exactly what you think.

We Never Actually See Ali's Face

We hate to state the obvious, but innocent until proven guilty, right? We won't believe it was Ali until they show Ali murdering Mona. For all we know that might have been a wig! Or Ali's twin! Or Bethany Young's zombie corpse!

Let's Get a Closer Look at That Hair

Here's what the assailant's hair looks like compared to Ali's hair in another part of the episode. It looks pretty different, right? Also, doesn't the length look a little off, too? We need a beauty expert, STAT.

Are Those Two Different Cars?

OK, this one is a pretty big stretch, but that's what Pretty Little Liars is all about, right? Look at the car Ali gets into earlier in the episode. She gets in the driver's seat, so we're assuming it's hers. It's turquoise. Later, the murderer's car seems to be more navy blue. So, do with that what you will.

We Have Been Lied to Before!

Time and time again, circumstances had led us to believe some pretty crazy theories [3]. We thought Toby was dead. We thought Ezra was "A." Heck, we even thought Mrs. DiLaurentis was "A." How do we know this isn't just another dead end? Which leads us to our final reason.

It's Just Too Convenient

Speaking of Ezra, remember when the whole "Ezra is 'A'" thing was set up so perfectly? Almost too perfectly. We're seeing the same thing here. Someone who seemingly has Ali's hair breaks into Mona's house and murders her. The girls show up too late to save Mona and too late to see who did it. And later, at the scene of the crime, Ali looks upon the chaos with a devious smirk on her face. Everything's tied up with a neat little bow, which makes us doubt it more than ever.

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