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Preview of Pushing Daisies Episode 11, "Window Dressed to Kill"

TV Tonight: Pushing Daisies

The TV landscape has looked a little less colorful since December. A little less whimsical. A little less fun. That's because Pushing Daisies last aired Dec. 17, and it's been a drab, pie-less world since then.

But! At long last, Daisies returns tonight with the first of its final three episodes. Yes, writing "final three episodes" still breaks my heart a little, but I'm just glad we'll get to see the conclusion of this lovely show on television at all.

When we left off, Ned's father issues were about to get a lot more complicated, as it seemed his dad had started hanging around the Pie Hole. And last we heard, he'd sworn off using his powers — whether for good or for evil. So I'm curious to see where things pick up tonight with "Window Dressed to Kill," which finds Chuck getting recruited onto Emerson's crime-busting team. Also, there's singing from Kristin Chenoweth, which is always a delight, and while this scene with her song may be a bit spoilery, it just made me all the more excited to watch tonight. Tell me: Are you coming back to see how Daisies wraps up?

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