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Private Practice Recap: Episode 11, "Contamination"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 11, "Contamination"

Private Practice is back and is ripped from the headlines! You've almost certainly noticed the heated debate taking place over the correlation between the immunization of children and autism (both sides have celebrity voices attached to their cause). It's highly controversial, super emotional, and extremely personal to moms especially, which means it was probably just begging for another preachy prime time drama to wade into the fray.

Anyway, despite some clunky, public service-y lines related to the autism (Sam: "CDC is clear, vaccination saves lives. End of story."), this episode on the whole is pretty absorbing and entertaining especially because everyone appears to be friends again. Or, in the case of Violet and Pete, super duper close sexy-time friends. Ready to chat about it? Just


So! The episode opens with—what else?—sex! Between Violet and Pete. This has got to be some kind of record, right? How many episodes in a row can the opening scene involve sex? I'm not necessarily complaining — it's just a little desperate, no? Regardless, Violet and Pete are still going at it and decide to keep things loose without much commitment. Except once Cooper takes Violet seriously that she is, in fact, sleeping with Pete, he freaks out ("Pete is the anti-relationship! Pete is the ruiner of relationships!") and blabs this to the whole office. Everyone stops by to tell Violet what a cad Pete is and to be careful, just as Pete (with some input from Addison) decides that he might want to try the whole relationship thing out with her. Violet pretty much disses him — and wisely so I think. She points out that they started hooking up while Pete had another girlfriend. I think he's going to have to prove his worth.

So meanwhile, a whole family of little boys Cooper has seen before has returned from abroad, and it turns out one has measles. This is because he was not vaccinated due to the mother's insistence that vaccination gave her oldest son autism. The practice basically goes into quarantine, and the health officials are called. The official who shows up is a smoking hot lady named Sonya who's clearly meant to be Sam's new love interest, but we spend the whole episode watching her be really mean to Sam ("You've been a bully!") before we get to the flirting stuff. It's totally cute to watch Sam scramble to make this mean lady happy, though.

The craziest moment of the night, in my book, was one Cooper sticks a needle into the third son's arm without the mom's consent! Is that legal? Do you think that was the right thing for Cooper to do at that moment when the other son is dying? I was actually touched by Charlotte's presence in the hospital the whole time too. I'm starting to maybe sort of wish she and Cooper would get back together. Am I nuts?

A couple more thoughts:

  • Big lesson from Dell's story line? Crack is whack. Just kidding. I mean, crack really is whack, but who knew Dell got his ex hooked on drugs? That was surprising. I'm glad they're working things out. Gotta think of the child.
  • I love how impressed Wyatt is that Addison is (was?) dating a cop. If I had an arrogant ass hanging over me teasing me about who to date, I too would be like, "Back off, buddy, I'm dating a man with a gun!"
  • So how long do you think they're going to make us wait for Addison and Wyatt to have hate sex? Naomi admitted she thought he was handsome too, but I think they're reserving him for Addison.
  • Ew! Sheldon's back! I do not like this guy, and I don't like him for Violet, and hello? No contest! Pete's a bajillion times cuter and nicer and better at sex.
  • Another funny moment: dance club with Sam and Sonya.

What did you guys think?

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