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Private Practice Rundown: Episode 9, "In Which Dell Finds His Fight"

Private Practice Rundown: Episode 9, "In Which Dell Finds His Fight"

This week's Private Practice was the last new one ABC has scheduled at this point; one more episode has been filmed, but on account of the writers' strike, there's no knowing when we'll see it. So I figured this would be a good time to take stock of the show. Are you enjoying it? Have you started to like it more — or less — since the start of the season? And when the strike ends, will you come back to watching it?

This week's episode wasn't my favorite, and it reminded me of the persistent problem I'm having with Private Practice: With the exception of Cooper and occasionally Addison, I'm still having a hard time caring about these characters. It wasn't a terrible way to end the series for a while, though, so to talk about it, just

Dell's love for Naomi is out in the open now, at least to Sam, but I'm still not sure I buy it. On the one hand, I'm glad Dell got a story beyond being the goofy midwife-in-training, and his concern for his grandfather and his old man fight club companions was sweet. But I thought the connection between Dell's Paw-Paw fighting for amusement and Dell's own fighting for Naomi was a bit of a stretch. Then again, maybe that's because I still find their relationship creepy; I thought Naomi looked terrified when Dell had her up against the wall. I think I'm supposed to be rooting for Dell, but I'm just not.

I do wonder, though, how Dell's professions of love (however misguided) will change Sam and Naomi's relationship. Sam knows that this midwife/nurse/receptionist/kid has a serious thing for his ex-wife; he also thinks he might want to be with Naomi again. What that means, it seems, is kissing Naomi in front of everyone, making their reunion public — and sending a signal to Dell to stay away. But did anyone else think he seemed disgusted after their kiss?

Addison's fighting for what she wants, too — and this time, it's the policeman from a couple of weeks back. Watching Addison stride into the police station and ask for a date wasn't exactly the old, assertive Seattle Grace Addison, but it may be the closest we get. And I'm glad she's expanding the dating pool beyond the walls of Oceanside; that place could hardly be more incestuous.

Some other thoughts:

  • I liked seeing Addison and Naomi's patients return; that should be one of the benefits of having a show set in a clinic, and I wonder if we'll be seeing them again as the pregnancy goes on.
  • Addison's storylines for the past few episodes have been almost exclusively "pregnancy against all odds," so I'm wondering: Is the show ever going to get back to having Addison try to have a child?
  • Cooper and Charlotte crack me up. Cooper seems so meek around Violet, but his antics in this episode — he stole an entire fathering class, for one thing — show that he can go toe-to-toe with a much tougher woman. Also, those bedroom scenes? Surprisingly spicy. Then again, didn't we once see Cooper tied to a bed? Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised.
  • 'Nuff said: "It's like Rambo time . . . inside my testicles."

So, what's the state of Private Practice for you? Is there a chance Naomi will actually choose Dell? And would you rather have Cooper paired with Violet or Charlotte? Tell me below.

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