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Privileged Recap: Episode 10, "All About Overcompensating"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 10, "All About Overcompensating"

Alright, Buzz readers, you win. By popular demand (and, well, because I freaking love this show, too), I'm kicking off my rundowns of Privileged today! Prove your dedication to this sweet CW show by really chatting it up in the comments, OK?

So, on this week's show, things are heating up between Megan and Will, but the two of them don't seem to have an easy path ahead. Also, there's a scheming, bad-girl Baker twin in the house, and for once, it's not Sage. To chat about this episode, just


  • First of all, I love Megan practicing her saucy "Heyyyyyy, Will!" faces in the mirror, only to greet him with a less-attractive expression that's about halfway to a scowl. She's a smooth operator, that one.
  • Speaking of smooth — Megan attempting to get herself some hot dates is hysterical, especially when it involves a pre-8 a.m. phone call to Charlie. Not awkward at all.
  • You just know that someone in the Privileged writers' room once dated a guy whose outgoing voicemail message ended with "Rock om." Cause that? Is something you just can't make up.
  • On the topic of voicemail, have you ever noticed how many BlackBerries there are in this show? Once I noticed a few of them, they seemed to be everywhere.
  • OK, a man sneaks onto your patio, all catburglar-like: Adorable or creepy?
  • Is it me, or does Charlie look not altogether happy when he hugs Mandy after asking her to move in with him?
  • So, Rose gets a D on that English test and doesn't seem on her way to acing the history exam, either. You know, one of the things I really love about this show is that they've created a character who struggles with school even though she wants to do better. Usually, shows just have the smart slacker, Sage-style.
  • Well, hi there, bad girl Rose! Buying a test is not too shabby for a brief foray into scheming (except for, you know, that whole ethical line-crossing and potential expulsion). Of course, Sage has been badder for longer, so she goes the extra mile and gets the answers sewn into a purse for Rose. I guess that would work, if the questions are in the exact same order and nobody wonders why somebody fashionable now has an alphabet soup handbag?
  • I love that Rose takes a moment the night before to match her shoes and her necklace to the "cheat bag." It's so endearing because of course Rose would do that!
  • Speaking of fashion — Megan's clothes! So adorable! I'd show you pictures of all the things I want (that red dress from the date and the yellow silk top, for starters) if the CW had bothered to take pictures of this episode, but since they didn't, I'll settle for ogling this purple dress from the opening scene.

Did you watch this week's episode? Do you think Megan and Will are right for each other? How sucky is it that we have to wait two weeks for the next episode?

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