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Privileged Recap: Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 11, "All About Love, Actually"

Well, the title doesn't lie: This episode of Privileged is indeed all about love (actually) — and specifically, the trials and tribulations of dating long-distance. Laurel goes off to meet Miles, Megan and Will talk about the whole Brazil issue, and Charlie and Mandy have to decide whether they're really going to live together. But that's not all — there's a little something-something between Sage and Marco's new kitchen helper, Luis, too. There's really no limit to what a good cassoulet can do. If you missed this episode, it repeats tonight at its regular time, but if you're ready to talk about it now,


  • So Megan makes off with the cheat purse, no problem, and then informs Rose that she's grounded. Because it's Megan, it's "The X-Games of grounding," with Rose indefinitely confined to "these four — make that six to eight — walls." Heh.
  • Also, just so we're clear, here's what grounding means to a girl like Rose: "No phone, no internet, no Pilates." I love that she tries to make nice with Megan by handing over some of her favorite things, including her laptop and her new crystal headband.
  • Rose is also furious at Sage for telling Megan about the cheating, so they're not speaking for most of the episode.This frees up Sage to spend plenty of time in the kitchen torturing/flirting with Luis, who's also Charlie's cousin. You know, this show has enough complicated family trees, it could put the Walkers to shame.
  • Meanwhile, Will initially tells Megan he wants to "pause" their relationship while he's in Brazil, then kind of backs down, and then it doesn't matter anyway because he's not going to Brazil.
  • Wallow Hollow! OMG, what a great idea. Will's has sushi, Japanese beer, and Monty Python movies. What's in your Wallow Hollow?
  • But all is less well once Megan finds out that Will knew about the job before he even asked Megan out! I loved her bonding with Rose over this later (after Rose is no longer "grounded from banter"), because Rose confirms that Will's actions constitute a "bogus ask."
  • Speaking of bogus asks — oh, the saga of Charlie and Mandy moving in together. Do you agree with Megan that Mandy was trying to get Charlie to say they were doing the right thing? Or do you agree with Mandy's opinion that Megan's basically nuts? Also, while we're at it, how do you feel about Mandy generally? I was actually a little relieved that she was going to be moving an hour away . . . until they resolve all their issues and move in anyway.
  • Also moving awfully fast, until it suddenly goes nowhere: Miles and Laurel. Miles takes the news of being a father surprisingly well (by which I mean, there's no reaction, really), but then Laurel's too busy to make time for him and they're never going to date long-distance, and blah blah blah, that's pretty much over. If Miles had been more conniving, I'd expect he'd show up in the girls' lives in some evil way down the line.
  • You know what deserves its own bullet point? Bedazzled jeans.
  • On that note: Want the clothes. Again.
  • Rose's grades come in, and they're pretty decent — a couple of C's, some B's, an A-minus. Megan agrees to ease up on the pressure if Rose won't lie and cheat.
  • There's no arguing that Will doesn't know how to do a dramatic gesture. First, porch sneaking; now, chestnuts and Christmas tree! Still . . . Megan's pretty quick to forgive, no?

So: Are you feeling sparks between Sage and Luis? What secrets do you think Sage keeps from Rose? Have you had a "I would love to not be in these jeans right now" moment?

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