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Privileged Recap: Episode 12, "All About the Ripple Effect"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 12, "All About the Ripple Effect"

On this week's Privileged, Megan's family situation gets a little more complicated when her mom swings into town for the first time in, oh, 17 years. That dredges up a whole host of other issues, including some conflict between Will and Charlie. Meanwhile, the twins are cute and flirty and provide some levity in an otherwise pretty heavy episode. To see some of my thoughts and add your own, just


  • First of all, it must be said: not my favorite episode of Privileged. There was just so much going on, and a lot of it was unexplained, especially about Megan's mom's behavior. Why didn't she insist on apologizing for being absent for 3/4 of Megan's life? Why does Megan's dad feel so strongly about her forgiving Shelby when it's not like the two of them had a wonderful marriage? It kind of made my head spin.
  • That said, it does really shake up Megan's little independent bubble when she has to deal with her family. She knows what she wants most of the time in her career, and at least some of the time in her love life, but around her family, she's a total mess.
  • The owner of the salon where Lily works makes me laugh so much, first saying "aw, look at you, three steps behind" when telling Megan that Lily got married, then describing Lily's wedding hairstyle as: "I gave her a bouffant. Lawd, it wasn't teased — it was terrified."
  • Also? So wanted to see those photos of the bouffant.
  • While Megan's waist-deep in family drama, Sage is still torture-flirting with Luis (and occasionally causing him to shout loudly in Spanish), so Rose decides to take matters into her own hands and seduce him to make Sage jealous and get her to admit her crush. She's adorable when she gets all rhapsodic over a pot of boiling water.
  • Sage retaliates by inviting over Rose's little crush, a chemistry nerd who plays the French horn and is apparently really into The Notebook (Sage: "OK, maybe don't share that with everyone"). I have to say I'm a little muddled on why Sage did this whole thing with Zachary. To distract Rose from her little plan to make Sage jealous? Too much scheming! Can't keep track!
  • I love that the reference Will gives for his dad's new magazine is George, the political insider magazine started by JFK Jr. "Hey, remember this moderately successful and totally niche-y magazine from the late '90s?" I wonder how many people reacted a la Rose and "I Will Survive": "I don't know what that means!"
  • Also, what did Megan do in that interview with the tobacco heiress that was so offensive?
  • So Megan flips out at her mom — "you gave up the right to call either one of us 'daughter' when you walked out" — and I dunno, but I guess I wanted to see more of that. More explosions, less shopping?
  • Meanwhile, Will's annoyed because he doesn't understand Megan's family and Megan isn't doing anything to make him get it. So Charlie steps in, and that leads to this whole bitter battle between the two of them, which includes Charlie dressing down Will this way: "You probably didn't even think it, cause you're kind of cocky, but you do have a problem. It's you." Yikes. Did you side with one guy more than the other in this scene?
  • And what about Mandy? Do you think you'd be jealous (or have you been) if your boyfriend were friends with a girl the way that Charlie is friends with Megan?
  • The conversation between Sage and Rose at the end made me smile. "Being adorable comes easy for you. It's a gift, Rose. Cherish it."

So, Shelby's sticking around, Ripple magazine may be a go, and Sage totally likes Luis. What did you all think of this one?

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