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Privileged Rundown: Episode 13, "All About What Lies Beneath"

Privileged Rundown: Episode 13, "All About What Lies Beneath"

Save the Cuban children with synchronized swimming! This week's episode of Privileged has Rose planning a luncheon to benefit Cuban children — all as a ploy for Sage to spend more time with Luis who is planning the menu. Meanwhile, Megan's wondering why Will doesn't seem to want to get it on with her and her mother shares some unsolicited opinions on the subject. And we meet Marco's man, Keith, who is excited to kick start Marco's future — away from the Baker household.

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  • Wow, new credits! I particularly like the shot of Megan guzzling wine/champagne straight from the bottle.
  • It's official: I'm easily amused. That line from Luis about Megan wanting to "free Willie" made me laugh.
  • The development of Megan and Marco's relationship is one of my favorite parts of the show at this point. Love her oversharing her romantic issues ("This bra? See-through.") and his response: "Compared to his usual dates, you're a Disney classic."
  • Speaking of romantic foibles, I usually find Megan's kind of cute, but sliding off the bed and ending up in the hospital was a little . . . much. I did crack up at their "shtupping" session in the supply closet, though — the Grey's Anatomy docs would be proud.
  • We meet Marco's boyfriend in the same episode that they break up? No fair! It's interesting to see some of Marco's life outside the house — that he aspires to open a cafe, etc. — and it does make me wonder what really keeps him with Laurel and the girls.
  • Ha, "Love smoothies come later."
  • I love Charlie, and I am in denial about the fact that he's leaving the show. But the silver lining is that no Charlie means no Mandy, and it just feels like they've done all they're going to do with that plotline. Also, this episode did drive home the fact that Mandy's nuts. I understand her jealousy, but she just seems so crazy when she talks about it.
  • It's fun to see Rose get a chance to shine, especially with something that took research and a certain amount of craftiness. She clearly is smart, just not school-smart, and sometimes her naivete can actually work in her favor ("Did you know that everyone in this town hates each other?" "Yeah, it's Palm Beach, not the midwest"). In general it's fun to see the twins bail each other out, like when Sage took over for Rose on the red carpet when chatting with Perez Hilton in a previous episode.
  • On a Palm Beach-related note: The Palm Beach Synchronized Swimmers telling the water-based journey of Cuban refugees to the USA? Ohhhhhhh my, no. So wrong and yet, so hilarious.
  • And as always, I loved the fashion in this episode, especially that dress that Megan's mother gets her and the totally adorable little red number Rose wears when Mrs. Bennington comes over. Want it!
  • I was relieved to see Megan yell at her mom and get out some of her deep-seated anger. I'm glad they admitted that this relationship couldn't be just sunshine and fun as soon as Shelby returns to town and decides to be a girlfriend-y kind of mom. That scene felt more realistic than some of their mother-daughter scenes in other episodes and I was glad to see it.
  • Aw, Sage's accidental love confession: "No, idiot, it's because I liked you. Shut up, I don't like you."

After seeing the previews for next week's episode, I can't wait for that Megan-Marco exchange about the Luis-Sage romance. You?

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