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Project Runway Recap: Episode 2, "I Started Crying"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 2, "I Started Crying"

Last night saw the second episode of Project Runway, and the biggest news of the night was the very special guest. Just as Molly predicted, it was the "pop culture and fashion icon" Sarah Jessica Parker. And when she walked through the Parsons doors, the designers (unsurprisingly) couldn't contain themselves. Chris even started crying. While he was the first designer to let the tears flow, he certainly wasn't the last (I'm talking to you, Ricky and Carmen).

Now, on to the challenge. The designers were asked to create a two-piece look for SJP's fashion line, Bitten, that must retail for $40 — which left the designers with only $15 to spend. Chris logically imagined he'd only be able to afford toilet paper and scotch tape! But before fabric worries, each of the designers had to pitch his or her design to Sarah. This montage was my favorite, as Chris could hardly construct a cohesive sentence, Elisa tried to explain her esoteric dress (Sarah kindly humored her), Kevin left without shaking her hand, and Christian pleaded for a hug. Honestly, who can blame them?

To read my thoughts on the seven designers Sarah Jessica Parker chose and to see a gallery of each look, just read more

The seven designers Sarah chose to execute the Bitten design were Elisa (what?), Kit, Christian, Marion, Victorya, Ricky, and Rami. Each of these designers was then told to pick a partner. Sweet, a group challenge! Not sweet: not enough group tension. Oh well, there's always next time. From there, the episode really focused on the four groups that created the best and the worst garments, so read my thoughts on the two best and the two worst below.







  • Elisa — delivered her signature brand of kookiness and brought Sweet P along for the ride. She continued to only sew by hand but introduced new, wacky tactics like spitting on the fabric to mark the dress and "imbibe it with energy and essence." Huh? In the end, the "polymorphic" dress ended up being one of the more compelling pieces. And the duo almost won the challenge. I was certainly surprised.
  • Victorya — with Kevin's help, she created the dress and vest that ultimately won the competition. Not a lot of drama here, but the duo did create the two most beautiful pieces. And I think Victorya is going to be one to keep an eye on. SJP said the dress would be part of Bitten's line; would you buy it?
  • Christian — He chose Carmen to execute his blue sheath dress and jacket. Like last week, Christian continued to be a celebrity in his own head and therefore refused to take Tim's advice to not make his dress too retro. And you know what that means: Michael Kors and Nina thought the dress was too '80s. Hasn't Christian ever seen ProjRun before? Always take Tim's advice!
  • Marion — He and Steven created a very deconstructed Bohemian mess. Michael Kors even called it the Pocahontas dress, "like all she needs is like a headband and a feather." Genius. His floppy, stretched-out fabric seemed to grow 10 inches just during judging. Ultimately, this was the worst of the bunch, and Marion was sent packing.

What are your thoughts? What design was your favorite? And will Ricky ever stop sobbing?

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