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Project Runway Recap: Episode 3, "Fashion Giant"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 3, "Fashion Giant"

Last week saw the biggest guest star in Project Runway history. Which left me wondering: How would ProjRun top SJP? Well, according to Jack it was with "the most difficult challenge that has ever been on Project Runway." So what was this insanely hard task? Designing menswear for Tiki Barber. First, forgive me, but a Giants footballer-cum-NBC correspondent does not trump Miss SJP. Second, designing menswear is not harder than whipping up a couture dress out of groceries. Period.

On to the episode. The designers were given 30 minutes to sketch, 30 minutes at Mood, $150 for the fabric, and a day and a half to complete the menswear look. Yet again, to me, that doesn't seem too shabby in the land of Project Runway. Not so in the eyes of the designers, who complained more than usual about the time constraint. But, as most of the designers chose to make a three-piece look (versus a more typical one-piece dress), I'll cut them some slack. Regardless, we get to revel in their collective misery about the challenge and subsequent elation with the male models. Yes please!

To hear more about how the menswear challenge "brought forth the claws" and to see the male models in action with a gallery of each look, read more

The claws certainly did come out when Jack used the shorts he was wearing as a reference for his pants pattern, and then let Carmen and Victorya in on the action. And while he may be right that it's technically not cheating, I agreed with the other designers who felt like he was bending the rules. I certainly haven't seen that on the show before, and I was surprised Tim Gunn allowed it after last season's pattern-book scandal.

I certainly haven't seen this many gratuitous shots of men in their underwear (contestants and models) either. I guess it is sweeps month, but sheesh. Even Elisa thought the uncovered bits were a little much and chose to turn her head away when her model undressed. Yes, she usually bothers me, but I found this moment endearing.














Now on to the most juicy part of the episode — when the models were finally dressed (and I use that word loosely). This was the moment when the time crunch became most evident as many of the garments sent down the runway weren't finished. Carmen didn't even have a shirt for her model; she simply draped fabric under a jacket and called it a shawl collar. I call it a halter-top disaster! Yikes! Sweet P also sent down a completely unfinished shirt, and she was rightfully worried. In addition, Ricky sent down an incomplete look that was partially pinned instead of sewn. Honestly, this doesn't surprise me with Ricky. Neither did the fact that he wasn't able to make it through another episode without crying.

Even with the "crazy" time constraint, Kit, Kevin, and Jack created great looks. In the end, Jack prevailed with his striped pants and shirt and Carmen was sent packing. Personally, I think Kit should have won and Sweet P should have been auffed. What do you think?

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