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Project Runway Recap: Episode 6, "Eye Candy"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 6, "Eye Candy"

After a three-week break, Project Runway returned with a very sweet episode. Literally. The designers were given the challenge to create an outfit using materials found at the Hershey's store in Times Square. Some were elated at the prospect (Elisa: "It's chocolate!"), while others (ahem, Christian) were less than thrilled: "I was like great, we have to make sh!t out of candy." Heh.

Personally, I was as thrilled as Elisa was. As I was saying, I'm a sucker for any episode that employs unusual elements in lieu of fabric. Groceries, plant life, recyclable material — love it, love it, love it. But I think that as the seasons progress, the designers become more aware of how to avoid disasters when working with nonfabric (who could forget how Austin Scarlett's corn-stalk dress wilted overnight?). And, therefore, I think the designers take fewer risks. One designer, however, did take a big chance, and the result was lovely.

To find out who created the most inventive and risky dress and to read more about last night's ProjRun (as well as see a gallery of all the looks), read more.

Before we get to the looks of the evening, I must first mention some of my favorite moments of the episode. Firstly, Christian continues to be an ego maniac, which prompts Kevin to exclaim his dismay: "Every interview, I must mention I'm going to off (or was it "auf"?) him, and you'll never see him again." Ha! I hope Kevin keeps his word; that would certainly be a better recurring segment than the Ricky cry count. Speaking of, we seem to have survived Ricky's second episode without crying (fret not, the tears return — does having them in the preview for next week count?). He did, however, continue his horrible hat parade, and I honestly don't know which is worse.

On to the looks. Jillian took the biggest risk of the evening by incorporating Twizzlers. She was rightfully worried that her dress might fall apart on the runway (and even had her model help her stitch some backup Twizzlers on the skirt), but miraculously, it stayed together and looked great. As Michael Kors said, it was "deliciously chic." The two other designers whom the judges loved were Chris and Rami. Chris created what was, for him, a very understated tube dress, and Rami won the challenge with his charming red halter.











The bottom three were Victorya, Sweet P, and Elisa. Victorya's ruffle dress confused the judges, and Sweet P's strapless dress bored them. But, it was Elisa's "sad, brown dress" that led to her elimination. I should have known that she would be out with all of the focus on her during the episode. Her back story (a serious car injury that prevented her from pursuing a fashion dream in London was the reason she wanted to do Project Runway) really made me like her more. And even though I questioned her taste level often, she did create some beautiful pieces. Oh well, Heidi still gave her the German good-bye.

I think Sweet P is next to go. What did you all think of last night's episode? Any predictions for next week?

Photos courtesy of Bravo


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