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Project Runway Recap: Episode 7, "What a Girl Wants"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 7, "What a Girl Wants"

You can tell that the Project Runway designers this season are beginning to get a little tired. This was exemplified last night when Heidi asked them if they were ready for their next challenge. "Sure," they collectively mumbled. Jillian's face looked especially thrilled. But that was before they heard about their challenge to design an outfit for "one of the most important days of a woman's life." Wedding dress? Nope. Even better: prom dress! This perked the ProjRun team up a bit. That is, of course, except Christian, who thinks prom is "horrible, tacky, and gross."

Christian aside, the other designers really did get into the challenge. Kevin even reminisced about the drama at his own high school prom, namely tanning and stealing booze; he was quick to suggest adding a chastity belt to his dress. To be fair, Christian did have some room to protest. All of the "models" in this challenge were in high school, and subsequently had an opinion about how their prom dresses should look, but only his model was an aspiring designer. As such, she wanted to be very involved with the creation of her dress, from the color to the fabric. She even started sketching. Needless to say, Christian's ego was less than pleased.

Did Christian's ego have anything to worry about? To find out and to see a gallery of all of the looks from last night's Project Runway, read more.

The designers were allotted $250 for fabric and nearly two days to sew for this challenge — not too shabby in the land of PR. Therefore, none of the designers really had an excuse for an ill-conceived or ill-constructed garment. And largely, they didn't disappoint. In fact, I thought this was the first challenge where the designers' true talent prevailed. Don't get me wrong, this has been one of my favorite seasons of Project Runway, but I haven't thought this crew, as a whole, is as strong as past seasons. Last night's episode began to change my mind a bit.










However, I didn't necessarily think all of their creations were suited perfectly for prom, and the judges agreed. Starting with not-so-good . . .

  • Rami's green jersey dress was a little too sophisticated for a high-school student, but he had immunity, so he was safe.
  • Christian's design wasn't awful, nor was it loathed by the judges, but he got scolded for publicly berating his client.
  • Ricky made, in my opinion, the ugliest dress of the bunch. The color was bad, and, surprise, it was poorly executed. Yet, somehow, he skated by yet another week. Weird — I was sure he was a goner as soon as he called his mom.
  • Kevin created a short, red dress that also wasn't executed perfectly, despite being told rigidly by Tim to finish the hem (when will the designers learn that you always listen to Tim?). Unfortunately, this was his demise, and Kevin was voted off.

Now on to the good. Surprise of the century was how beautiful Sweet P's dress was! The judges also loved her simple champagne colored gown. But ultimately it was Victorya who won the challenge with her cobalt blue mini. I was on team Sweet P, which certainly came as a shock, as last week I was predicting her dismissal.

What did you guys think about last night's Project Runway? Were you surprised by who was in and who was out? How cute were the pictures of the designers at their own proms? And could you believe that Ricky cried AGAIN (duh)?

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