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Project Runway Rundown: Episode 12, "Reunion"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 12, "Reunion"

What's not to love about last night's Project Runway reunion special? We got to see contestants like Marion and Simone again (can you even remember these two?), there were hilarious video recaps and outtakes, and best of all, we got to see the contestants' new haircuts (or, in Ricky's case, a new hat). There's even the $10,000 fan favorite prize, which as of last night, you all were torn between Christian and Chris for the most deserving. Alas, you'll have to read after the jump to see who took home the cash.

But with all of the fun, last night took a somber tone too. Jack's departure from the show due to health concerns was a focus, and it seemed that he made the right choice to leave as he subsequently spent five days in the hospital. The other designers commented on how that affected them. Christian was sad to see him go, and Victorya was upset/angry. She didn't dive into her emotions, but it seemed as if she was biting her tongue about something. The silver lining would be if Jack returns for season five, but we'll just have to wait and see.

To hear more about the reunion special, including my favorite videos of the night and who took home the fan favorite prize,


The thing I liked most about the reunion special was definitely the video recaps. Each video focused on a designer and highlighted his or her specific schtick. The best:

  • Elisa: Elisa truly is from another planet, and this video proved it. What with spitting on fabric, talking about her creations as if they were either piñatas or couture dresses, and writing backwards, this girl certainly is cuckoo. My favorite moment was when Chris said "keep your brainwaves off me." Love it.
  • Ricky: Oh, the crying. I could have seen this one coming, but what I didn't expect were some of Ricky's quotes. "I'm an emotional person, yes, but I don't cry all that much," and "I'm very emotional, but I can control it." Um, really, Ricky? Regardless, the genius lay in the editing: These quotes were followed by countless crying scenes.
  • Chris: From crying to laughing. Chris's video was all about his laugh. As Kevin called it, it's a very "hyena-cackle" laugh. I could sympathize with the designers who thought it was cute at first but progressively more painful as the days pressed on. The funniest moment of this montage was when Chris laughed loudly inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was as if he was screaming in a library.
  • Michael Kors: Chris's laughter video was cute, but the Michael Kors laughing fit was hysterical. For a judge who's usually so reserved and poker faced on the runway, he really lost it during the wrestling competition. Michael just couldn't handle it when Ricky's model did a sexy move at the end of the runway. From there he couldn't stop laughing. As Kit said, it was like a kid in church. I loved how the Heatherette designers' faces seemed to say, "What's going on over there, Mr. Kors?"
  • Christian: And what would a reunion special be without an homage to Christian and his fierceness? Seriously how many times does this boy say fierce throughout the day? I especially loved how all of the designers made fun of him. I haven't seen Jillian more lively than when she was emulating Christian. But more fierce than anything was Christian describing his hairstyle in three parts: party, business, and money-maker. Amazing.

And in the end, Mr. Fierce himself took home the prize for fan favorite and received the $10,000 check.

What did you guys think of the episode? Is Christian fierce enough to deserve the fan favorite prize? And what about next week's previews? Who's still in it to win it: Chris or Rami?

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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