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Pushing Daisies Cancellation Rumors

The Fate of Pushing Daisies Still Undetermined

The facts are these: Pushing Daisies has not been canceled. But it hasn't been renewed, either.

Rumors are flying like mad, but as of right now, nobody knows the ultimate fate of the whimsical show — not even the people working on it. "Every day we're hearing that we're canceled and then we hear that we're not," executive producer Bryan Fuller told The LA Times. "It's all rumors. Nothing official at all. We are in radio-silence land."

The show wrapped up production on its original 13-episode order on Thursday, and it's not on a tentative but unconfirmed ABC Winter schedule that's making the rounds. No new episodes have been ordered, but ABC also hasn't said it won't order more. There's even one rumor going around that the show could stay off the air for the rest of the year but return to ABC's schedule next Fall.

So, for the moment, we Daisies fans are in limbo. But there are a couple of campaigns organizing to save the show. To find out about them, just


  • Here's an online petition you can sign to tell ABC the show deserves another chance.
  • Several sites have set up various efforts to save the show, but this one looks to be the best organized at this point. They've raised more than $1,000 so far and are sending shipments of daisies to the ABC offices.
  • This site suggests various other things fans can do, including watching old episodes online and/or downloading them from iTunes.
  • And this site is taking a different approach, asking for fans to donate to different bee research/conservation groups (as a nod to Chuck's love of bees) and then write to ABC explaining that the donation is in support of Daisies.

Will any of these things help? Well, at the very least, they probably can't hurt. Have you done anything to help save Daisies? Why do you believe the show should go on?

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