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Reality TV Shows That Make You Cry

Buzz In: What Reality Show Makes You Tear Up?

Prepare for the waterworks: ABC debuts its newest show, Secret Millionaire tonight, and it's sure to be a sob fest. Based on the UK series, the episodes follow millionaires who go undercover and volunteer in impoverished areas. After a week or so, they reveal their true identities and gift the hard up locals with thousands of dollars. Here's a promo:

It falls in a similar vein as feel-good program Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and even though I don't watch Extreme Makeover regularly, I'm always a sucker for it when I do. There's something about the big reveal, as the families see their new homes, which just gets to me. Undercover Boss is also pretty effective; I still remember getting goose bumps when it first premiered. Maybe I'm more sappy than most, but tell me what reality shows move you?

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