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"Reaper": Episode 1, "Pilot"

"Reaper": Episode 1, "Pilot"

"I'm not a carjacker, Sam. I'm the devil!"

I could watch that "Reaper" clip of Ray Wise good-naturedly reassuring the character of Sam that no, no, he's not out to jack his car (though he would "if it were an Escalade!"). He's just the devil incarnate! Having already watched the pilot a few times, that scene never fails to make me chuckle.

Then again, most of this show makes me chuckle. Whether it's the writing, the acting, Kevin Smith's direction of the pilot or a magical combination of all these things, it totally worked — I'm hooked on this story of Sam the 21-year-old whose parents sold his soul to the devil. As I mentioned before, this premise seemed ridiculously stupid on paper (a bounty hunter for the devil who sucks up lost souls with a Dirt Devil?!), but in execution it somehow works really well.

You can check out my favorite lines and parts from this week's series premiere of "Reaper" and tell me what you thought in the comments if you

  • Whoever chose Beck's "Devil's Haircut" as the song to start everything off in the beginning gets a major thumbs-up in my book. That was perfect.
  • "The guy's 21, lives with his parents and wears an apron for a living. There's no 'happy' in that birthday, Dad." — Sam's brother Kyle
  • I love that Sam only attended one month of college because "college made him sleepy."
  • I can't seem to see Missy Peregrym as anyone besides the creepy shapeshifter Candice from "Heroes." It's hard to think of her as just an aw-shucks average gal who works at the Work Bench.
  • Sock (Tyler Labine, who is very cool in person) reassures Sam's mother that he "would never kill a hooker in Vegas."
  • Ray Wise is fantastic. I don't even know what else to say. He just is.
  • Randomly, the devil loves hockey. Does that make hockey "the devil's sport"?
  • "I would make my ass my letterhead." — Sock, thinking unclean thoughts about the copying machine
  • The DMV actually is "hell on Earth."

  • "Oh, that was such a tender moment. For real!" — The Devil, coming upon Sam and Andi's sweet moment
  • "I have never been so attracted to a man before in my life. Okay, that's not what I meant." — Sock

Did you tune into this week's "Reaper"? What did you think?

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