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Reaper Recap: Episode 9, "Ashes to Ashes"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 9, "Ashes to Ashes"

Okay, on this week's episode of Reaper, I found the escaped soul's tactics for revenge to be truly gross. All those cremated remains flying around gave me a bit of a sick feeling in the tummy. However, I love that the Devil had a romantic interest and I super-love that Sam now has a romantic interest that isn't Andi. She needs to figure out her stuff before messing with Sam's heart. My favorite aspects of this week's show, though, are the moments with Ben and his powerful grandmother (who has "The Eye"!).

Check out some of my favorite parts from this week's episode:

  • Julie Cooper Melinda Clarke as the Devil's gal Mimi looks really good! I'm loving the dark hair. And how funny is it that the Devil's girlfriend is so normal and sweet?
  • Sock: "I want to be the Prince of Darkness. No, no, what's lower than that?"
    Ben: "Duke."
    Sock: "The Duke! I want to be the Duke of Darkness. Can you talk to the Devil for me? Maybe set up an internship?"

More funny moments if you

  • Of course the Devil enjoys spending time at funerals (to provide answers for grief-fueled questions)! I love these little details in this show.
  • Mimi, about her "Jerry": "He has this old-world charm. He's a real gentleman. That's a rarity these days."
  • Sock, advising Sam: "You need to be persistent like the ocean, little waves of Sam crashing on the shores of Andi until she eventually wears down."
  • During the montage of Sock, Sam, and Ben collecting peoples' ashes, we see Sock rubbing a rug against a man's face. Then we see the man rubbing the same rug against Sock's face.
  • I love that after Uncle Hector got drunk at a wedding, Ben's grandmother insisted nobody talk to him. So now he still lives in the house and nobody can talk to him.
  • The Devil sewing Sam's mouth shut is so. Very. Gross.
  • Sock, to Mimi: "Look at how hot you are! You're like a big plate of YES! right there!"
  • That family party of Ben's looks nicer than my senior prom.
  • When Ben's grandmother stabs Sam in the hand with a fork, Sock tackles her to the ground!
  • Is Sam's new love interest Katie the Devil's spawn?!

Photos courtesy of CW

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