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Reaper Rundown: Episode 10, "Cash Out"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 10, "Cash Out"

I can't believe this week's episode of Reaper was our last for a while! I'm not sure what I'll do without my weekly fix of the adorable Sam, sweet dimply Ben, and sarcastic Sock. Most of all, of course, I'll miss the overly tan wisecracking Devil. This show's like candy. Like Red Hots. I'll miss you, Reaper!

For now, some of my favorite things from this week's episode, in which the boys had some moral questions to deal with, in addition to the normal capturing-escaped-souls thing:

  • I love that they succeeded in trapping one of the souls in the vessel early on in the episode. The formula of getting the vessel, researching the soul, and finally capturing the soul in the final 10 minutes can wear thin. I like that they mix it up sometimes.
  • Sock calls Katie, possibly the Devil's daughter, "Beezlebabe."
  • Ben and Sock come up dancing next to Sam and Katie. "We were doing our recon work," Ben later explains to Andi.

More highlights if you

  • Devil, after pretending to be Katie on the phone: "Aw, come on, admit it. I totally hosed you!"
  • Sam: "Hi, Gladys. Should I place the vessel on the mat?"
    Gladys: "Place the vessel on the mat."
  • Sam: "Hell is like the worst-run business ever."
  • Ben resents being Goose in Sock's Top Gun trio. "Goose died. I don't want to be Goose."
  • Sam, on hearing that Katie's dad might have been a member of Huey Lewis: "So, does that mean you're part of The News?"
  • Sam: "Oh, my God."
    Devil: "Hey, easy on the G-word, buddy. It's rude."
  • Sock thinks the Book of Revelations stole the 666 symbol from The Omen.
  • The donut man: "I never stole so much as a mint from a restaurant."
    Sock: "They're free."
    Sam: "Shut up, Sock."
  • Escaped soul man, on finding that the bags are full of clothes: "Underpants!"
    Sock: "My underpants. My brave underpants."
  • I often love the music in this show, and the use of Guster's "Satellite" at the end is no exception. Awesome.
  • Well, we now know that fish and flowers wilt when Katie's around. Is she really the spawn of the Devil?! I can't believe we have to wait so long to find out!

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