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"Reaper" Rundown: Episode 3, "All Mine"

"Reaper" Rundown: Episode 3, "All Mine"

Truth be told, I probably should have tried to find someone else to cover "Reaper" this week. Looking at squirmy bugs — especially ones wriggling around on Sam's toothbrush — makes me extremely queasy. Thankfully, there was enough other good stuff this week to keep me watching, and it was definitely an improvement over last week's episode. I love that there is this new guy in Andi's life, setting up a possible love triangle for the future. And, as always, Sock is my favorite part of this show.

To check out what I thought were the highlights of the show and to share your own thoughts (spoilers ahead),

  • The Devil hands Sam a pink View-Master, saying with grin that he wants to communicate with Sam on his level. The photos are of victims of the escaped soul/bug lady — except for one of the Devil at the Emmys.
  • "There's still hope for you. Hope in the form of toilets." — Ted, offering Sam the job of Assistant Manager of the Plumbing Department

  • Sock, providing a disturbing gesture with his fingers, says to Sam, "Maybe if you didn't have your lips sealed to Ted's anus like an ass gasket, you wouldn't be in this situation."
  • The name for Sock's junk? "Grumpy."
  • Sock asks the ladies passing by, "Having fun being hot? I am!" Then he introduces himself to his ex's boss as "King of Beers."
  • How adorable is Sam with his puppy dog eyes? It broke my heart seeing him gaze forlornly at Andi at the bar.
  • And now there is a bug twitching around in Sam's beer and I'm going to puke.
  • The vessel is a toaster! It's so random, I don't know whether to be annoyed by the dumbness of it all, or awed by it.
  • Creepy bug lady: "Is something bad about to happen?"
    Sock: "Well, not so much bad as badass."
  • I laughed until I had a coughing fit when they showed the Devil, grinning ear to ear and giving Sam the thumbs-up after he caused all of Andi's classes to be canceled for the semester.

What did you think of this week's "Reaper"?

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