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Reaper Rundown: Episode 5, "What About Blob"

Reaper Rundown: Episode 5, "What About Blob"

As it gets closer and closer to Halloween, I find Reaper to be more and more satisfying — especially when it features blob people, like this week's episode does! I do wish there had been more Ray Wise wisecracks this week, and I'm starting to grow weary of the Sam-Andi drama, but there were definitely some moments that made me laugh out loud, as always:

  • Sam suggests the demon come out to karaoke, and that he could be the demon's wingman. "Not to suggest you need any help. You're a very attractive demon."
  • Sock holds Sam's hand while walking through the parking lot so Sam doesn't slip and fall. So cute!
  • More highlights if you

  • Sam: "I look like a jerk. A jerk with tape on his shoes."
  • Ben: "Household slime?"
    Sock: "Come on, Ben, everyone knows what household slime is, give me a break."

  • Sam's dad: "I have skills, Sam. All those years in advertising... I can use those skills. I've created cartoon mascots to sell cigarettes to kids, Sam. To kids. Tell the devil that!"
  • Sock belly-bumps Sam!
  • Sock attacks a man with the vessel, which happens to be an ugly holiday sweater.
  • Devil: "What's your plan?"
    Sam: "I'll outcharm him."
    Devil: "Right. Good luck with that."
  • Sock keeps the Kinkos receipt "so Satan can reimburse me."
  • Sidenote: Those Reaper "Happy Halloween" promos with the Devil playing in the leaves to the tune of "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" make me ridiculously happy.
  • Sock: "Kinda want to break the law so she can get all legal on me."
  • Hooray for Gladys having more of a role! "You need an extraction?" She whips out super sharp talons to get the sweater off Sock.

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