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Recap of 90210 and Melrose Place Shocking Moments 2009-10-21 09:30:45

90210 vs. Melrose Place: Which Was More Scandalous?

Tuesday night's soapy dramas packed several surprises into this week's episodes — 90210 introduces a whole new character to love (or hate) and Sasha drops a bomb on Dixon; while over on Melrose, Riley and Jonah's seemingly perfect relationship is quickly unraveling. But the biggest surprise of all? Ella was nice. I know, crazy stuff.

Ready to pick apart a few plot lines (spoiler alert!) to determine which show was this week's juiciest? Let the battle begin when you


  • 90210 point: Annie steals a car! In her defense, she was talked into doing it by Jasper, because he wants to film the heist for his "movie." (I purposely put movie in airquotes, because who knows if this guy is for real. I don't trust him.)
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Lauren finds out that David has been doing some stealing of his own when diamonds spill out of his bag. She makes a deal with him that she won't turn him in, if he stops. Not that Lauren should be doling out moral advice...

  • 90210 point: A new surfer girl named Ivy arrives, and after accidentally hitting Liam's car, the two get competitive on and off land. He cuts her off at a surf contest, and she fakes a cramp to win. (This is also known as foreplay.) Their flirty antics grab Naomi's attention, who answers back by ditching her relationship with Richard — and her chances at college — for his roommate Jamie.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Violet gives the evil eye to anyone who comes near Auggie. When she sees his concern for Riley, she hints to Jonah about their questionable friendship to help break things up. And those sparrows in the complex that Riley and Auggie seem so smitten with? I doubt it's a coincidence that their nest was later smashed. Watch out Riley — my bet is Violet's gunning for you next.

  • 90210 point: Dixon gets frustrated that he can never be seen with Sasha and dumps her. When she shows up later, he thinks that she's making amends, but actually, she's pregnant. This isn't necessarily new teen territory, but pregnant when you're in an underage relationship? Now that's scandalous.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Where do I begin with Jonah and Riley? First Auggie lets it spill that Riley kissed him, then Riley doesn't 'fess up the truth to Jonah, then Jonah grabs a drink with the hot new film exec who's helping him with his script (Step Up's Jenna Dewan!). We all know where this is headed...

  • 90210 point: Debbie is still fuming over Harry calling her Kelly by accident, but matters worsen when Harry plans to have lunch with her and then cancels to comfort Kelly. Deb shows up to Harry's office with some food, and surprise — Kelly is there. Later, he teases Kelly about how Deb thinks she has a crush on him, but when Kelly doesn't respond right away, Harry realizes it's true. Do you think they're going to have an affair?
  • Melrose Place counterpoint: Riley models for another fashion shoot, and is asked to get topless by the photographer (Jo from the original Melrose!) In an even bigger shocker, Ella stands up for Riley when Jo starts throwing a few verbal punches at her from behind the camera. She even calls Jo a sell out. Awww, Ella, you do care.

I'm going to have to give this week's round to 90210 yet again. The guys from Melrose weren't bringing that much new drama to the table, but how can you compete with an illegal pregnancy and a car-napping? Do you agree, or should the Jonah and Riley storyline earn Melrose more points?

On a side note, is 90210 setting up Silver and Teddy? Looks so, but I hope not!

Don't forget that you can keep talking about these questions and the rest of the episode over in the 90210 Superfans group in the Buzz Community. Check it out!

Photos courtesy of The CW

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