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Recap of 90210 and Melrose Place Shocking Moments 2009-12-02 09:30:49

90210 vs. Melrose Place: Which Was More Scandalous?

I was really excited about this week's double-header of 90210 and Melrose Place. Perhaps it was absence making my heart grow fonder after last week's hiatus, or maybe just the anticipation of watching as Jen gets her due justice. (She does. Hooray!) Whatever the case, both shows packed in a few surprises to pique my interest. For instance, a new cuckoo ex-boyfriend/brother character.

That's just one of the more "huh?!" moments. Ready to break them all down and decide which show had more drama? Spoilers ahead when you


  • 90210 point: Ivy, Dixon, Teddy, and Liam take down Jen, rigging things so Naomi walks in on Jen talking to Liam at a horse race. To make matters worse for the evil ice queen, Dixon tells Ryan about the affair, so Ryan dumps her. The only downside of their plan: Naomi is incredibly upset by the news — which isn't exactly helped when Ivy purposely kisses Liam while she's watching. (Ivy's annoying enough already, but this vengeful side is really turning me off of her.)
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Amanda, Michael, and David are all fighting over Sydney's bloody necklace. After Lauren tips off Michael as to its whereabouts, he breaks into David's apartment to reclaim it. Too bad for him that Lauren is setting him up to get arrested, which he does at the end of the episode. Seeing him in handcuffs is satisfying, but I don't know if I believe that he's Sydney's killer . . .

  • 90210 point: Annie is seeing Jasper behind her parents' backs, but his mind seems to be somewhere else — like on Navid. Jasper's worried about being found out for pushing him down the stairs, but lucky for him, Navid has a spotty memory. That is, until the end of the episode. (Dun, dun, dun!) I can't wait for Jasper to get his comeuppance.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Can we talk about Violet's crazy adopted brother/former boyfriend Levi?! He arrives on the scene to bring Violet back home, and when she won't concede, he starts making threats. Then Riley steps in to defend Violet, so Levi flies off the handle and destroys her apartment and Jonah's camera. I'm curious to see if and how his appearance plays a role in Violet's upcoming departure from the show.

  • 90210 point: Adrianna just can't catch a break. After coming out of a drug-induced haze to realize that Silver's mom has died and Navid is in the hospital, she tries to make amends — with no success. Navid turns her away, and Naomi tells her to steer clear. I thought she would return to her addiction as a result, but the opposite happens and it appears she's headed back on the straight and narrow. Well, we'll see.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Jonah begins his first day as a WPK tech guy, and Ella already has him hacking into company emails. Unfortunately for her, he comes across the email where she threw him under the bus for the directing credit. He quits and refuses to trust Ella again, but don't bet on that lasting long. I mean, did you see the promos for next week's episode?!

  • 90210 point: We obviously saw this coming, but Teddy and Silver finally kiss. After the special moment, Silver makes a wisecrack about Teddy now being her boyfriend — awkward! Now, he's questioning being single. I just hope he doesn't hurt her feelings. Between Dixon and her mother's death, I just don't think Silver can take it.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: Amanda is moving in to the apartment complex. Two words: Uh. Oh.

So which show had more scandal? I'm giving this week to Melrose Place. The 90210 Jen takedown just wasn't as big and overblown as I was hoping for, but between Levi and Michael, Melrose had plenty of crazy in its corner. Don't you agree?

If you're a 90210 fan, be sure to check out the 90210 Superfans group in the Buzz Community. My favorite moment of the evening: when Dixon calls Liam out on being an idiot for destroying the phone evidence of Jen's confession. Hey, we all thought it.

Photos courtesy of The CW

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