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Recap of The Bachelorette, Plus Video of Jonathan the Weatherman Crying About Kissing Ali

Bachelorette Breakdown: Tears in the Forecast

Last night on The Bachelorette we learned that big boys do cry and the Barenaked Ladies still exist. We — Tres and Buzz — broke down the awkward episode this morning. Check out our thoughts and tell us what you made of last night's madness in the comments.

  • BuzzSugar: I'm going to get this out of the way first, since I've been dying to talk about it — weatherman Jonathan! Oh, Jonathan, Jonathan. The guy was breaking out into a sweat when he found out he was going to kiss Ali on camera for the Barenaked Ladies' music video (by the way, how random was that cameo?). And when the time finally came, it was Ali who had to make the move. Awkward! Word of advice to Jonathan: man up, dude.
  • TresSugar: The weatherman's meltdown made for uncomfortable TV, only matched by Hunter's flat solo date. He had it so easy, too! Wine, hot tub, romantic dinner at home (side note: did you see how much they grilled? It's like there always has to be an abundance of sausage). Hunter blew it when he tried to go in for the kiss and did some awkward neck peck instead. I'm glad Ali sent him right home. But I did feel bad that Justin, aka Rated R, stole his thunder by hobbling up to Ali's house on crutches for a rogue one-on-one date. The guys were not happy about that, but I think they're jealous they didn't think of it. I'm sort of confused why everyone hates Justin. Is it just because he's a pro wrestler, or am I missing something?

Read what Buzz thinks about Rated R and watch a video of Jonathan the weatherman crying because he had to kiss Ali after the jump.

  • Buzz: I have to side with the guys on this one. From day one, I've suspected that Justin is on the show for fame — it's that Rated R t-shirt he wore paired with the fact that he just doesn't seem genuine. This may be terrible, but when he cried to the guys about being a good dad, I didn't trust him 100 percent (sometimes I question if he's even faking his injury!). Although when Chris L. talked about his tattoos that are dedicated to his mom, I completely melted. I think he's my new favorite. Please, tell me you saw his mouse bit at the end.
  • Tres: Oh yes. So happy my DVR caught Chris L. and the other boring guy throwing themselves on the floor trying to catch a mouse. Love Chris L. He totally won Ali over with his smooth talk about flip cup and oysters. And despite Kirk's makeout session, I still think Roberto is in the lead; she's so giggly around him! Also, did you notice how easy it is to impress Ali? When she and Roberto did the five-minute tight rope walk above LA, she said: "Going through something stressful with someone shows their character." And she thought Rated R's walk up a hill told her something about what type of husband he would be. She needs to dig deeper.
  • Buzz: It's so true! And of course going through an adrenaline rush like a tight rope brings you closer (Hunter didn't stand a chance with his boring at-home date). I don't know that I'd be touched by Rated R's efforts, though. Personally, I think walking miles to the house is borderline stalkerish. But it looks like Ali has worse problems next week — who knew Kasey was going to turn out so creepy?! Did you see that coming?
  • Tres: Um, yes. I saw that coming. Kasey creeps me out! And I fully expect his singing to be as awkward as Tenley's dance performances from last season. In other words, I can't wait.

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