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Recap and the Best Quotes From The Office Episode "Manager and Salesman"

The Office, "Manager and Salesman": Best Lines of the Night!

Happy Valentine's Day from The Office! And what a sweet holiday treat it is. This week's episode not only delivers oodles of quips, but I also got two of my dream gifts: the return of Jim to the sales team and more Kelly Kapoor.

Ever since Jim took on his managerial position, he's kind of been a stick in the mud, but from the looks of it, he may be returning to his old, adorable prankster self. As for Kelly, she also got decent camera time, thanks to guy-related drama (what else is new?).

To sum up, the evening made me smile — which hasn't exactly been a regular occurrence as of late. So without further ado, let's dive into some of the best quotes.

  • Andy: "These sure are pretty dogs."
    Jo: "They love a good crotch."
    Andy: "Yeah, they sure do."
    Jo: "You should take that as a compliment."

    When Jolene (Kathy Bates), the CEO of Sabre, arrives at the Scranton branch with her two giant dogs, they can't seem to get enough of Andy's, er, nether regions. Okay, the joke is pretty basic (and a little juvenile), but I was practically dying during the sequence of scenes with them coming on to Andy at his desk, at the printer, and everywhere else.

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  • Erin: "Aww, a bird and a dog."
    Andy: "Yeah, well it's Snoopy and Woodstock."
    Erin: "You named them?"
    Andy: "Charles Schulz did."

    Wow, Andy just can't win in this episode, can he? He wants to give Erin a valentine, so he buys them for the entire office so it doesn't look like he's coming on too strong. And then she doesn't even understand his card! Erin really went up a few notches for me this week. She's still technically the new girl on the block, but she's really proving herself to be a major player.

  • "I have been saying the word 'manager' a lot, so whenever Jo thinks 'manager', she thinks of me. Camel cigarettes did the same thing with Joe Camel by making him look like a penis. I can't even go near a cigarette now without thinking of a penis. And vice versa." — Michael

    Say what?! Michael's interplay with Jim as they try to outdo each other for the manager position (and then the sales position) is pretty entertaining. I'm happy with how things turn out though, aren't you? Watching Michael squirm in the middle of the sales pod (poor Phyllis and her allergy meds!) is fun to witness, but by the end things are back to how they should be -- Michael as Manager, Jim in Sales. When Jim sticks Dwight's tie in his coffee, I had to smile to myself. Old Jim is back -- I hope.

  • "I guess Andy likes me. I never thought of him that way. But I guess in most romantic comedies, the guy you're supposed to be with is the one you never thought of in that way. You might have even thought he was annoying or possibly homosexual." — Kelly

    Kelly Kapoor! Kelly gets confused when Andy gives her an overly gushing Valentine's card, and thinks he now has a crush on her. Which, of course, she immediately brags about to Erin and everyone else. I love seeing Kelly in action -- and we usually don't get enough of it. Honorable mention goes to Meredith for this line: "Believe me, if I got that card? We'd be doing in the bathroom right now."

  • Dwight: "The new IT guy, Nick. I think he's the key; he's very trusting, he's looking for friends, he's been given an awesome amount of power and does not know how to wield it..."
    Ryan: "Like Frodo."
    Dwight: "Why don't you just let me handle the Tolkein references? Okay, dumb jock?"
    Ryan: "Well, I think he can be corrupted. Like Gollum."
    Dwight: "Smigel was corrupted and became Gollum."

    I don't know that I'd normally put Ryan and Dwight together, but joined by a common goal -- taking down Jim -- they actually serve as a hilarious duo. I love when Dwight likens the movie Saw to going on a seesaw. Please writers, give us more dumpster meetings between Bobcat and Dragon!

So did the Dunder Mifflin — make that Sabre — gang charm you this week, as much as they did me? Tell me in the comments, or head on over to The Office! group in the BuzzSugar Community to talk some more.

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