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Recap, Quotes, and Video From The Office Episode "Scott's Tots"

The Office, "Scott's Tots": Best Lines of the Night and Video!

Hmm, it just me or was this week's The Office just not as funny as we've come to expect? Michael visits a school for "Scott's Tots," a program that he started ten years earlier to send kids to college. The problem is that he can't afford to keep good on his promise. Sounds like a funny premise, but I just found the whole thing kind of sad. Thank goodness for Dwight who provides the laughs in this episode while trying to sabotage Jim, of course. The best part is when he calls David Wallace pretending to be Stanley, Kevin, and Toby. He had me in stitches!

Ready to recap some of the best zingers, as well as a few highlights from the evening? Let's get started.

  • Andy: "Well if we're complaining, a lot of people think your Elvis voice is annoying."
    Michael: "Okay, who said that?"
    Andy: "Just people. For the record, I think it's pretty fantastic."
    Michael: "Well, thank you, thank you a lot. And for what it's worth, I think your baby voice is tops."
    Andy: "Thank you, Mr. Elvis."
    Michael: "You're welcome, baby."

    Sometimes the one-off opening of the show is my favorite part of the night. (Remember the amazing parkour intro in this season's premiere?) I especially appreciated this one, since someone finally calls Andy out for his baby voices. Seeing him talk with his wubby-bubby voice to Michael's curled-lip Elvis is pretty hilarious.

For more funny quotes, plus a video of Dwight's Oscar-worthy co-worker impressions,


  • Erin: "There's about 30 news alerts for Nip Slip."
    Michael: "For what?!"
    Erin: "Nip. Slip."
    Michael: "Oh, I don't know how those get on there. Must be hackers."

    Michael is having a hard time warming up to Erin, even though she's doing her best — even helping him clean out his emails, which are unsurprisingly pervy. But towards the end of the episode, they're alone in the car together, and Michael actually has a heart-to-heart with Erin to tell her that she's doing a good job. A sincere and serious Michael? That's not something we see all the time.

  • In an ideal world, I'd have all ten fingers on my left hand, so my right hand could just be a fist for punching."—Dwight

    Oh Dwight, always so ruthless. He's easily the highlight of this episode for me, and I loved watching him manipulate the entire Dunder Mifflin office to take Jim down. You can watch his plan play out in this video. (Can you believe how perfectly he captures Stanley and Kevin's voices? The man is amazing.)

  • "Now, I can't pay for your college, but you don't have to go to class to be in class. Online courses are a viable option to a traditional college experience. And the best way to access those courses is with your own personal laptop — which is rendered useless without batteries, and I have one for each of you. Hold on, hold on, hold on, they're lithium!"—Michael

    The whole episode I was wondering how Michael could possibly smooth over his mistake with the students' tuition, but batteries seem like an appropriately cheap Michael Scott gesture. Thing is, you can't really hate the guy for his faux pas, because he genuinely did want to finance their schooling. I'm not sure how I feel about this side of Michael. I'm actually hoping he returns to his regular outrageous (and totally selfish) self next week — it's more fun to watch!

What did you think of Michael this week? What was your favorite moment (or line) of the night? Sound off in the comments, then visit The Office! group in the BuzzSugar Community.

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